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Dwyane Wade’s Trans Daughter Considers Joining Girls Basketball! (Report)

Dwyane Wade’s daughter Zaya Wade may be considering joining her school’s girl’s basketball team – according to reports on social media. The buzz, according to the reports, is coming from other students at 12 year old Zaya’s school. Zaya’s brother Zaire is one of the star players on the Sierra Canyon School’s basketball team. And […]

Dwyane Wade’s Trans-Child ‘Zaya’ Sings w/ The Girls Choir At Church!!

Dwyane Wade came out publicly, and told the world that his 12 year old offspring is transgender. Dwyane now refers to the child as his “daughter” Zaya. And Zaya’s church family consider her to be female also. Zaya was singing with thee church’s girl’s choir yesterday. Dwyane and Gabby shared video of this moment on […]

Boosie Badazz Talks Dwyane Wade Backlash: ‘That’s Just How I Feel!!’

If anybody thought that Boosie Badazz was about to apologize for the comments he made to Dwyane Wade about his transgender daughter, Zaya Wade, then they obviously don’t know Boosie. Following his recent viral moment where he went on a rant, imploring Wade not to cut child’s “d*ck off,” Boosie sat down with Baller Alert, […]

Dwyane Wade Reflects On Friendship W/ Kobe Bryant During Heat Jersey Retirement

NBA legend Dwyane Wade was at the Dwyane Wade Remembers Kobe Bryant at his Hersey retirement, which took place at the AmericanAirlines Arena. — and shared some fond memories of his late friend, Kobe Bryant. “Kobe said the most important thing is to try to inspire others so they can be great in whatever they […]

Siovaughn Wade Releases New Podcast Appears To Call Zion/Zaya Her ‘Son’!!

Dwyane Wade has been all over the media in recent days, talking about his transgender daughter Zaya, who used to go by the name Zion. According to Dwyane Wade and Zion/Zaya’s step-mother Gabrielle Union, 12 year old Zion/Zaya is their daughter, and is a female. Zion/Zaya’s mother has not given any statement as to her […]

‘Empire’ Star Serayah McNeill On Dwyane Wade’s Trans Daughter: ‘Let’s Not Jump To A Life-Changing Decision!!’

Empire star Serayah McNeill has echoed Boosie Badazz’s viral rant about Dwyane Wade’s transgender daughter, Zaya Wade, and posted a video urging the NBA star not to make any “life-changing decisions” surrounding Zaya’s gender. “I think everything is a little bit too much premature. I don’t care if you’re boy or a girl. For me, […]

Boosie Badazz’s Son Cosigns Transphobic Rant: ‘F*ck Dwyane & His Son IDC He Gay!!’

Boosie Badazz’s son has cosigned his father’s recent viral rant against Zaya Wade, which some have called “transphobic,” and hopped on social media to say “f*ck Dwyane [Wade.]” “F*ck Dwayne [sic] and his son, idc he gay,” Boosie’s 16-year-old son Tootie wrote. “My pops said what he said. Stop sending me that. I bet you […]

Twitter Reacts To Boosie Badazz Telling Dwyane Wade Not To ‘Cut His Son’s D*ck Off!!’

Boosie Badazz trended online on Tuesday after he filmed an emotional plea to NBA star Dwyane Wade, begging him not to cut his “son’s d*ck off.” Wade recently sat down for an interview where he spoke about supporting his 12-year-old transition to a transgender female, who has changed her name to Zaya. Boosie hopped on […]

Dwyane Wade Recalls Time He Told Gabrielle Union He Was Expecting A Child With Another Woman!!

Dwyane Wade opened up about letting his wife, Hollywood actress, Gabrielle Union know he had welcomed another child with Basketball Wives star, Aja Metoyerin, in 2013. “I had a child with someone else, and I had to tell her. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is man up and tell Gabrielle Union that I’ve […]

Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Still Refers To Zion/Zaya As ‘Her Son’!!!

Dwyane Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union made international news this week, after D Wade informed the world that his 12 year old son Zion is now a female, named Zaya. Well someone aught to tell Zion’s mother Siovaugn Funchess Wade. Because MTO News located Siovaughn’s Instagram, and according to her page – she still […]