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5 Tinted Moisturizers for Hydrating Dry Skin Without the Greasy Finish

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Although “moisturizer” is often right there in the name, not all tinted moisturizers actually contain hydrating ingredients. This is often just the name for lightweight coverage. That doesn’t mean these are bad products, of course, but they might not be right for your skin type. The best tinted moisturizer for dry skin provides dewy coverage, […]

UCSB-Adjacent Businesses Could Dry Up If Students Don’t Return by Fall

Exclusive College towns in the U.S. are biting their fingernails at the prospect of students being kept home for the upcoming fall semester, including one prominent California university … UCSB. We called up several small businesses operating in the bordering campus neighborhood of Isla Vista, and they all pretty much told us the same thing […]

Best Self Tanner for Dry Skin That Hydrates and Brightens a Dull Complexion

Scroll To See More Images The ultimate buzzkill to finding a facial self-tanner that delivers a seemingly perfect, natural-looking glow is realizing how drying it is after a few applications. Those flakes in the corner of your nose and random ash patches pop up so quick, you don’t realize they’re there until you’re taking off […]

The Best Hydrating Primers For Dry Skin to Buy on Amazon

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If you have chronically dry skin or simply have been abusing your favorite exfoliating products a little hard lately, you probably already know that dehydrated skin often usually needs a little extra TLC to keep it feeling comfortable and flake-free. Dry and peeling skin can also be a nightmare if you want to wear foundation […]

If You Have Dry Skin, These Are the Clay Masks for You

Beauty If You Have Dry Skin, These Are the Clay Masks for You Contrary to the word on the street, you don’t have to entirely stay clear of clay masks if you’re a sufferer of dry, sensitive skin. by Team Yoyokulala | May 17, 2020 The fundamental purpose of a clay mask is to clear […]

The Best Setting Powders For Dry Skin to Buy on Amazon

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Setting powders can be a make-or-break product when it comes to setting your foundation, concealer, and other complexion products in place, as well as giving you a soft-focused, blurred canvas on par with your favorite photo filter. Unfortunately, if you have dry skin, powder formulas of any kind can be tricky if you’re looking to […]

The Best Foundations For Dry Skin to Buy on Amazon

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If you have dry skin—whether only occasionally or all the time—you’re probably aware of the difficulty of finding a foundation hydrating enough to avoid clingy to your dry patches and emphasizing the cracks and creases can be. Regardless of how many rich creams you layer underneath your base, by mid-day all of the cracks inevitably […]

Best Moisturizer Natural Hair Types Need for Reviving Dry and Damaged Curls

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“Screenshot and share to save a life.” That’s how I spread the word about a beauty supply store miraculously open for deliveries and pick-ups in my neighborhood. With everything closed and nearly all of my friends pining for anything to help their hair, I felt obligated to take a picture of the storefront and blast […]

Ouai Detox Shampoo Review: If You Over-Use Dry Shampoo, Try This


When it comes to my (lengthy, perhaps over-the-top) grooming routine, I have high standards for which products make the cut. I want healthy ingredients, visible results and an irresistible wow-factor aesthetic, be that via chic packaging, an irresistible scent or whatever else might make me want to reach for something over and over again. Few […]