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Gunna & Young Thug: Rappers’ New Drug Of Choice Is Whippits!!

In the 1990s the drug of choice for hip hop was marijuana, then in the 2000s it turned into learn, and in the 2010s it was pills. Now the new hip hop drug of the 2020s appears to be – WHIPPITS!! MTO News reported earlier, that R&B singer Chris Brown is addicted to whippets (link […]

Shows Like โ€˜Breaking Badโ€™: Drug Cartel & Antihero Dramas to Stream

Scroll To See More Images You might still be saying that there isnโ€™t a better show than Breaking Bad, and honestly, I canโ€™t even blame you. Thereโ€™s only a handful of series that seem to have had the same impact on television; but if youโ€™re even going to get close, these shows like Breaking Bad […]

Sheck Wes Arrested In New York For Gun & Drug Charges

Rapper Sheck Wes was arrested on gun and drug charges Wednesday in New York after he was pulled over for having excessively tinted windows.ย  According to TMZ, cops searched the “Mo Bamba” rapper’s vehicle after reportedly smelling marijuana and found a loaded firearm.ย  The rapper was charged with two felonies: criminal possession of a firearm […]

Fetty Wap’s Estranged Wife Alleges Physical, Drug Abuse, He Denies It

Exclusive Fetty Wap‘s estranged wife is blowing the lid off what led to their divorce … alleging the rapper was an alcohol and drug abuser who cheated on and beat her, but Fetty’s calling BS. Leandra Gonzalez filed legal docs claiming Fetty — government name Willie Maxwell — beat her face to a pulp less […]

The Dangerous NEW Drug That ย Chris Brown Is Addicted To – Whip Its! (Pics & Video)


R&B superstar Chris Brown is addicted to a new drug, MTO News has learned – and the drug is called “Whipits” We spoke two three people who know Chris, and all say that they are worried about his abuse of the drug nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, or “whippets” is an inhalant drug that can cause […]

Rapper JayDaYougan & Pregnant GF Arrested On Gun & Drug Charges!!

JayDaYoungam Pic

Rapper JayDaYougan, his pregnant girlfriend, and five others were arrested on drugs and firearm charges after cops searched an Airbnb home in Senoia. One of the men arrested with the rapper was Kelzon Terrell Clark. He is wanted on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and discharging a weapon, according to Chief Deputy Mike Haley […]

Roy Halladay’s Dad Concerned Rx Drug Abuse Was Factor In Crash, Officials Say

Breaking News Roy Halladay‘s dad told investigators he was worried the abuse of prescription meds played a role in his son’s fatal plane crash back in Nov. 2017 … this according to new docs obtained by TMZ Sports. NTSB officials say in 2 separate interviews with Halladay’s father shortly after the fatal flight — he […]

Tom Hanks’ Wife Warns Of Side-Effects Of COVID-19 Drug

Rita Wilson, the wife of Tom Hanks, in warning people of the terrible side effects of hydrochloroquine, a drug that has been touted by Trump as a miracle cure for COVID-19. “They gave me chloroquine,” Wilson said on CBS This Morning. “I know people have been talking about this drug. I can only tell you […]

Head Lice Drug Could Be Used to Combat Coronavirus, Studies Show

The latest lead for a potential cure to the novel coronavirus is a treatment used to combat head lice. Preliminary tests done with an antiparasitic drug called Ivermectin are showing promising results, with experts expressing “cautious optimism,” according to ABC News. “Finding a safe, affordable, readily available therapy like ivermectin if it proves effective with […]

Drug Dealer Business Booming In Quarantine After Stimulus Checks!

The entire United States economy seems to be in a recession. But the drug dealing business is booming, MTO News has learned. According to multiple news reports, drug dealers across the country are noticing a huge spike in business, since the quarantine started. And now that the federal stimulus checks are beginning to arrive – […]