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Quarantined Man Gets Toilet Paper Delivered Via Drone in San Fran

The coronavirus quarantines have people stocking up on supplies and causing shortages in necessities like nobody’s business. And the idea of running out of toilet paper had one San Francisco man coming up with a creative way to make sure he was prepared for the long haul during the shelter-in-place mandate scheduled until April 7. […]

Kelsea Ballerini Delivers New Album to Fans By Dropping It from a Drone

Kelsea Ballerini has come up with a novel way to deliver her new album in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. The country music star released a YouTube video on Monday showcasing her use of drones to safely drop off her self-titled studio effort to a few lucky fans — and some even got the […]

Iran Hits Back Over Drone Strike with Hack, Threat to Tear Up Nuke Deal

Breaking News 12:09 PM PT — According to reports, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad — where Soleimani was killed — has been hit in a rocket attack. It’s said to have been the second such attack in days. No word yet on any American casualties, but civilian casualties have been reported in the area. Iran […]

Colin Kaepernick Calls U.S. Drone Strike on Iran ‘American Imperialism’

Breaking News TMZ.com Colin Kaepernick has some thoughts on the United States taking out a top Iranian officer with a drone strike … calling classic American imperialism via our military. The ex-NFL quarterback posted some scathing remarks Saturday about the international move that’s got everyone here at home worried about a so-called World War III […]

U.S. Drone Strike That Killed Iran General Soleimani Caught on Video

Play video content The U.S. drone strike ordered by President Trump in Baghdad — which killed top Iranian military commander, Qasem Soleimani — is captured in new footage from an independent Iraqi television network. According to Al-Ahed channel … the blast captured on video is the one that killed General Soleimani along with Iraqi militia […]

Russell Westbrook Launches Drone Pilot Program for At-Risk youth

Breaking News TMZ.com NBA superstar Russell Westbrook believes DRONES are the way of the future — so he’s made it a mission to help at-risk youth learn to pilot ’em … TMZ Sports has learned. Brodie’s Why Not? Foundation teamed up with Chad Brownstein and the LA Conservation Corps to help “at risk young adults” […]