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Kendall Jenner Matching Her Drink to Her Dress Is Major BDE

Scroll To See More Images Iโ€™m a big fan of matching my accessories to my outfitโ€”as are many other people. Finding the right purse, sunnies, earrings, etc. to pair with whatever Iโ€™m wearing at the moment is a fun task and one I do not take lightly. And, apparently, neither does Kendall Jenner, who, while […]

Water Bottles That Look So Good, They Remind Us To Drink Up

Lifestyle Water Bottles That Look So Good, They Remind Us To Drink Up Plus, you’re doing the environment some good by reducing plastic bottles, all while looking ultra chic. by Team Yoyokulala | June 4, 2019 Itโ€™s easy to forget we arenโ€™t cacti but actual human beings who need constant hydration. We donโ€™t blame you […]

First Job at 1 and First Drink at 9: 20 Secrets About Drew Barrymore, Hollywood’s Ultimate Survivor

Drew Barrymore

Spartano / BACKGRID No one has lived more life than Drew Barrymore. There’s a bit of odd poetry in the fact that the iconic actress is entering her third season of the Netflix comedy Santa Clarita Diet, playing undead realtor Sheila Hammond who only truly came to life after a traumatic incident that should’ve left […]

Applebeeโ€™s Drink Specials Might Actually Be a Gift from God


Look. Iโ€™m about to speak some truth, and the truth is gonna be hard. But we need to talk about bars. Sure, they can be fun, and theyโ€™ve become a cornerstone of socialization, especially if you live in a big city. But theyโ€™re a problematic fave. Weโ€™ve all allowed bars their foibles so that we […]

Did Ozzy Osbourne Really Drink Nikki Sixx’s Urine?


If you thought Bohemian Rhapsody was wild, then you need to check out The Dirt, the latest rock band biopic that just premiered on Netflix. Based on Mรถtley Crรผe’s bestselling 2001 autobiography The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band, this long-awaited biopic follows the story of the heavy metal band’s rise from […]