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Tyler Perry: Nobody Told Me To Put On A Dress!!

Tyler Perry visited T.I.’s Expeditiously Podcast, where he opened up about the criticism he has faced over the years for wearing a dress whenever playing his character, Madea. Years ago, comedian Dave Chappelle shared that he believes that the majority of Black male comedians and actors in Hollywood cannot truly make it big unless they […]

Summer Dress Trends 2020: 21 Styles You’ll Want To Wear This Season

Scroll To See More Images No matter how many dresses I have squeezed into my overstuffed closet, I can always justify browsing the year’s summer dress trends and buying a few more. Don’t worry, I’ll donate the ones I don’t wear anymore! I’m all about splurging on staples I’ll wear forever—I have simple cotton sundresses and […]

How To Dress Like Hailey Bieber, The Sweatsuit Savant

Scroll To See More Images I’m sorry, but who gave Hailey Bieber the right to be so damn good at sweatpants? I know the phrase “good at sweatpants” might not make sense at first, but neither does the fact that this woman manages to make a sweatsuit look as high-fashion as the Alexander Wang gown […]

Aidy Bryant’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Dress Is the Spring Look We Deserve

Scroll To See More Images Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge (huge!) Aidy Bryant stan. The SNL actress and creator/star of Shrill is an inspiration in every sense of the word. Her unique humor and style have won my heart a million times over, and it just gets better every day. On Monday night, while […]

Emily Blunt’s ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Premiere Dress Is Sexy as Hell

Scroll To See More Images After I purposefully opted out of seeing A Quiet Place in theaters when it was initially released—Having to remain completely silent for two hours? No thanks!—it seems the creators weren’t satisfied. Either the film did really well or Hollywood really wants me to suffer while in a theater (It’s probably the former.), […]

Meghan Markle Met Gala 2020: Who Will Dress The Former Duchess?

Scroll To See More Images Is it too early to start talking about the Met Gala? I thought so, until I heard a certain civilian-turned-actress-turned-royal (Turned civilian again, I guess?) is rumored to show up. In case you haven’t heard, The Sun reported Meghan Markle might attend this year’s festivities, and I’m now devoting all […]

‘The Notebook’ Costume Designer on Kobe Bryant Buying That Blue Dress for Vanessa


Kobe Bryant was definitely a romantic, even buying wife Vanessa the famous blue dress from “The Notebook” for Valentine’s Day. Vanessa opened up about the romantic gift at his memorial service on Monday, explaining, “He gifted me the actual notebook and the blue dress Rachel McAdams wore in ‘The Notebook’ movie. When I asked him […]

Mya Has Secret Wedding in Seychelles, First Look at Her Dress

Exclusive TMZ.com Mya‘s been holding a big secret for months … we’ve learned she said “I Do” in a super-secret wedding down in Seychelles. Sources close to the singer tell TMZ … Mya walked down the aisle back in December in a very intimate ceremony on the island nation off the African coast. We obtained […]

Lana Condor’s ‘To All the Boys’ Premiere Dress Is a Polka Dot Dream

Scroll To See More Images If you didn’t watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before at least five times while shoving ice cream and popcorn into your mouth (and also maybe, probably crying), are you even living?! I—like many others—have been anxiously waiting for the next installment of the romantic comedy film series, and on Monday night, […]

Zendaya’s American Australian Association Arts Awards Dress Is So Sexy

Scroll To See More Images Everyone hates on cargo pants—even though they were back in style for 2019—but here’s the deal: Cargo pants have a lot of pockets. And as someone who wears women’s clothing, I’m painfully aware that most of the pieces in my closet (especially dresses) don’t have any pockets at all. So, when I saw […]