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Doja Cat Apologizes For Engaging ‘Racists’ And Using The ‘N Word’!!


Doja Cat has been embroiled in a possibly career-ending scandal. As MTO News has reported, the female rapper was caught going inside “Alt right” chatrooms, and making racist comments about Black people. Yesterday, Doja Cat took to Instagram to apologize for her past racist remarks. “I want to address what’s been happening on Twitter,” she […]

Female Rapper Doja Cat Goes On ALT-RIGHT Chat – Uses Word ‘N*GGER’

Doja Cat is one of the biggest female rappers in the world. But her career is in FULL ON CRISIS, after MTO News learned that a new video leaked showing Doja Cat talking in a chat room with a group of men that are being described as “Alt-right.” “Alt-right” is a Β loosely connected far-right movement […]

Twitter Claims Doja Cat Is Racist Against Blacks – Want Her Cancelled #DOJACATISOVERPARTY


Doja Cat is facing one of the biggest crisis in the young singer’s career,. MTO News has learned that there is a growing movement on social media to “cancel” the superstar singer. And this isn’t thee first time that fans are trying to cancel Doja Cat.Β Last month, fans on Twitter were urging for her to […]

Doja Cat Keeps Promise – Shows Breasts After ‘Say So’ Goes #1

When the Say So remix w/ Nicki Minaj was released last month, Doja Cat told fans that if they made it go to number one, she’s show them her breasts. Well last night, the pop singer delivered on her promise – after Nicki prodded her a bit. It all stared when Doja challenged her fans, […]

Doja Cat Fans Outraged After She ‘Plays’ Them To Hit No.1

Fans of Doja Cat were outraged on Monday after the singer hit number one — after vowing last week to “show her boobs” to her fans if they helped her reach the top spot, she recanted Monday and says that she would not be following through with her promise. “I’m just going to be honest […]

Doja Cat’s Father: She’s Lying, I Was Never A DEADBEAT Dad!! (‘We met before’)

While speaking to Whoopi Goldberg, Doja Cat claimed that she has never met her father, South African actor, Dumisani Dlamini, who starred in Sarafina! alongside Goldberg. But Dlamini says it’s all lies. “I have been looking for my daughter as well. You mustn’t forget these Americans. Americans will always want to have something to cause […]

Doja Cat Blasts Nicki Minaj & Her Fans – Calls Them ‘Stupid’ ‘Scum’!!


There’s a beef brewing, between pop sensation Doja Cat, and hip hop superstar Nicki Minaj, MTO News has learned. The beef started when Nicki’s fans started bullying one of Doja Cat’s fans – and Doja Cat stepped in. It all started yesterday, when one of Nicki Minaj’s fans posted a remake of an iconic Rolling […]

Doja Cat’s Black Again – Twitter Says Unable To Bleach Skin During Quarantine!!


Pop superstar Doja Cat is biracial, her father is South African (Black) and her mother is Jewish-American (Caucasian). She used to look biracial too, before her career started blowing up. But recently, fans of the beautiful pop star have noticed that Doja’s skin appears to be lightening, and her hair is getting straighter and straighter. […]

Cardi B Has ‘Beef’ w/ Doja Cat – Unfollows Her! (Friend Says ‘Jealous’)

Cardi B is reportedly having issues with the hottest up and coming female rap/pop star Doja Cat, MTO News has learned. Cardi has “unfollowed” Doja on social media, and the two are no longer on speaking terms, according to a person close to Doja. Cardi burst onto the music scene three years ago, with her […]

Doja Cat Denies Being High In Viral Video: ‘I Get Sniffles From Dressing Like A Sl*t All The Time!!’

Rapper Doja Cat has denied allegations from social media fans that she was high off cocaine after she posted a livestream video which sparked the rumors. In the video, Doja chatted and giggle away as she repeatedly wiped and rubbed at her nose — a motion often attributed to cocaine users. But Doja says she […]