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Donald Trump’s L.A. Fundraiser Guests Disgusted by Food in Bathroom

Exclusive TMZ.com Donald Trump‘s Beverly Hills fundraiser guests — at least some of them — say they are totally grossed out by the fact appetizers from the function were left sitting out by a toilet. TMZ broke the story …. hors d’oeuvres from Trump’s campaign fundraiser at The Montage this week ended up in a […]

Vegas Police ‘Disgusted’ After Bartender Allegedly Refuses Service

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite Two cops walk into a bar, but they’re refused service … this ain’t a set up for a joke, it allegedly happened in Vegas … and now police are PISSED!!! Here’s the deal … two Las Vegas Metro Police Department graveyard patrol officers say they were refused service from the bartender at […]

Nancy Grace Disgusted with O.J. Simpson’s Fantasy Football Plans

Play video content TMZ.com Nancy Grace thinks O.J. Simpson‘s apparent attempt to become a pro fantasy football analyst is disgusting — because throat-slitting maniacs like him don’t deserve a second chance.  With O.J. posting fantasy football videos on Twitter, the guys on “TMZ Live” asked Grace if she thinks he has a real chance at […]