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Internet Sleuth Discovers Why Triscuits Are Called Triscuits

Coronavirus lockdown boredom was bound to unearth some gems – and we may have just found our first one. An online sleuth has discovered why Triscuits are called Triscuits… and it has nothing to do with the number three. Sage Boggs, a New York TV writer, started a Twitter thread on Wednesday night musing over […]

Manifest Recap Season 2 Episode 3: Michaela Blows Up Jared’s World, Saanvi Discovers Mole

Looks like we’re on the cusp of some major forward progress on “Manifest” as we had huge developments involving Zeke, the Major and the emergence of what could be two more opposing threats. Sure, it’s possible we’re being complete paranoid, but we’ve been a little suspicious of Adrian since Ben first stumbled into his ramshackle […]

Will Smith Colonoscopy Video, Doctor Discovers Potential Health Risk

Will Smith shared a video of his colonoscopy procedure via Instagram on Wednesday in hopes of racking up his social media numbers. ‘They said you can’t get to 50 million followers on IG without showing your butt. So here I am, gettin’ a colonoscopy for the clout,” the 51-year-old movie star quipped alongside the video […]

Nick Van Exel Hilariously Discovers Iced Coffee, ‘It Tastes So Good’

Nick Van Exel Hilarious Iced Coffee Discovery … ‘It Tastes So Good’ 6/12/2019 9:01 AM PDT Breaking News Ex-NBA player Nick Van Exel is just now finding out coffee doesn’t have to be hot … and we’re so happy he did, ’cause it’s the best thing on the internet today. The Memphis Grizzlies assistant coach […]

Justin Bieber Discovers He’s 60% Irish and Conor McGregor Loves It

Justin Bieber 60% Irish & Conor McGregor Loves It!! 4/20/2019 4:06 PM PDT Justin BieberΒ better learn to love whiskey and potatoes … cause he’s Irish!!! The Biebs ecstatically revealed Saturday he’s around 60% Irish … prompting him to give Ireland a shout out on his Instagram Story. This was in response to his pops, Jeremy, […]