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ANTM’s Janice Dickinson Unveils New Face After Latest Facelift!!


TV personality Janice Dickinson is known for her loud mouth, and her plastic surgery. Yesterday the paparazzi caught up with the 64 year old Janice in Beverly Hills, sporting a brand new face.Β  She recently underwent a facelift – and she looks CRAZY. Janice is a model, author, actress, television personality, and talent agent.Β  She […]

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Rips Venue After Fan Gets Beat Up

Play video content TMZ.com Bruce Dickinson was so pissed off after a fan got the crap kicked out of him at an Iron Maiden show, he stopped the concert to rip into the venue and its security force … and the video is wild! The Iron Maiden frontman passionately addressed the crowd over the bloody […]

Bill Cosby Settles Defamation lawsuit with Janice Dickinson

Exclusive Details Bill Cosby has settled a defamation lawsuit filed by Janice Dickinson Β … and he’s NOT happy about it. Dickinson claimed Cosby’s lawyer slandered her when he said her claims of sexual assault by the comedian were false. Β She also claimed the lawyer made his remarks at Cosby’s behest. Cosby fought the lawsuit, but […]