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Black-Owned Etsy Shops: 10 Vendors For Home Decor, Jewelry & More

Scroll To See More Images If you’ve donated to absolutely every anti-racism organization you can think of, I’ve got good news—there’s still more you can do. Next time you think about buying some home decor, a new piece of jewelry, or virtually anything else, consider buying from a Black-owned Etsy shop and supporting Black entrepreneurs […]

The Best Rustic Wall Décor You Can Buy on Amazon

rustic wall decor stonebriar Rustic Wall Décor Pieces That Are the Perfect Farmhouse Inspired Finishing Touch

You dress your home the same way you dress yourself every morning: With articles that speak to your personality and taste. It makes sense, considering categories of home decor aren’t so different from those of fashion: There are minimalists who detest clutter and anything that could be deemed “unnecessary,” like 20 or so odd throw […]

Framed Plants From Etsy Are The Decor Trend You Need To Know About

Scroll To See More Images There are few things in life I’m ashamed of, but one of them is my abject inability to keep plants alive. I’ve shopped the most low-maintenance of succulents—plants that, supposedly, can survive with little light, water or attention—yet, they’ve all died on me. Fortunately, framed plants are the one kind […]

The Altuzarra x Etsy Home Decor Collection Is A Sultry and Cool Collab


While fashion brand Altuzarra is typically known for their ready-to-wear women’s luxury clothing, they’ve officially leapt out of the box to collaborate with eight global Etsy artisans and create the home decor refresh you need in your life right now. Think masculine bohemian vibes with some majorly trendy details. From coasters and placemats to pillows […]

5 Spring Home Decor Trends To Try In 2020, According To Etsy


What is it about springtime that ignites a redecorating fire in all of us? As the flowers start to bloom, you bet I’m scouring home decor sites to find the best new products and pieces with which to update my space. I deserve a little decor play after a good round of spring-cleaning, after all! […]

Best Cheap Candles to Upgrade Your Home Decor

amazon candle

If you’re home a little more than usual right now, you might want to give your space a little love. If you’re anything like us, you’ve neglected your home during your busiest times. Well, not anymore. With the best cheap candles, you can give your space a serious upgrade for less than $20. Whether you […]

5 Easy Home Decor Updates That Don’t Require A Full-On Reno


I’ve been going a little stir-crazy as of late, and as tempted as I am to book an AirBnB and get a much-needed change of scenery, I know the best thing to do right now is stay put. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t get that coveted change of scenery via a few easy home […]

57 Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas Sure to Transform Your Space


Few aesthetics embody the best parts of hygge—everyone’s favorite trendy way to get cozy—than bohemian decor. The breezy, maximalist aesthetic gives us all an excuse to make the most of color, to get creative when combining printed textiles and to stock up on all kinds of lovely trinkets that do little else than make us […]

Urban Outfitters March 2020 Home Sale: Decor & Furniture Up To 50% Off


Bored at home with not much to do? Can I interest you in some online shopping suited to the very space you’re sitting in? It’s no fun to buy clothes, shoes and accessories while you’re stuck inside social distancing, but the Urban Outfitters March 2020 home sale is the perfect excuse to drop some coin. […]