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Guns N’ Roses Ex-Guitarist DJ Ashba Cuts Plea Deal in DUI Case

Exclusive The guy who followed Slash as Guns N’ Roses’ lead guitarist is THIS close to putting his DUI case in the rear view mirror … after cutting a plea deal. DJ Ashba — member of GNR from 2009 to 2015 — pled guilty to 1 count of DUI … this according to the State […]

Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane Inks $200M Deal With NBCUniversal

Seth MacFarlane is splitting up with 20th Century Fox Television after 20 years together. The creator of “Family Guy,” “American Dad,” “Ted” and “The Orville” is saying goodbye to his longtime home for a new venture with NBCUniversal, signing a deal worth $200 million over five years, according to sources at Deadline. The 46-year-old’s Fuzzy […]

Pete Rose Poo Poos MLB’s Sign Stealing Scandal, It’s No Big Deal!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com The Astros’ and Red Sox’s cheating scandals are much ado about nothing … so says Pete Rose, who tells TMZ Sports sign stealing ain’t that big of a deal at all. The MLB legend says back when he was playing … he NEVER got an advantage by stealing signs — […]

Amber Portwood Claims Baby Daddy Violated Custody Deal, Lied About Dog Bite

Exclusive TMZ Composite Amber Portwood got screwed out of spending time with her son over the holidays, and the kid suffered a vicious dog bite her baby daddy tried to cover up … or so she claims in legal docs. Amber says she and Andrew Glennon had a custody agreement in place which allotted her […]

Iran Hits Back Over Drone Strike with Hack, Threat to Tear Up Nuke Deal

Breaking News 12:09 PM PT — According to reports, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad — where Soleimani was killed — has been hit in a rocket attack. It’s said to have been the second such attack in days. No word yet on any American casualties, but civilian casualties have been reported in the area. Iran […]

CukcakKe Says She’s Inked A $8 Million Record Deal!!

Rapper CupakKe has revealed that she has signed a deal worth a reported $8 million to her fans via social media. “Your girl just signed a 8 million $ deal God is soooooooooooooo good … I have no words right now,” CupcakKe tweeted. The specifics of the deal have not yet been released, neither has […]

Disney Actor Devan Leos Cops Plea Deal in Attempted Murder Case

Exclusive Getty Disney actor Devan Leos can breathe a huge sigh of relief … he won’t spend any time behind bars after striking a plea deal in his attempted murder case. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Devan pled no contest to 1 count of attempted murder back in April. He was sentenced to 5 […]

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Divorce a Done Deal

Exclusive Getty Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have worked out all the details of their divorce … TMZ has learned. Sources directly connected to Liam and Miley tell TMZ, her lawyer will file legal docs Tuesday declaring the 2 have reached a settlement in their divorce. The divorce was marked by significant bitterness on both […]

‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Lincoln Adim Takes Deal in Sex Crime Case

Exclusive Lincoln Adim — “The Bachelorette” contestant who gained notoriety for allegedly concealing his criminal record before joining the show — has taken a sweet deal that will likely have whole the case dismissed. Adim — who was one of Becca‘s suitors in season 14 — had originally pled guilty to indecent assault and battery […]

NBA YoungBoy Cops Plea Deal in GF Assault, Kidnapping Case

Exclusive Getty NBA YoungBoy scored one sweet plea deal in his assault and kidnapping case … the most serious charges have been dropped. The rapper pled guilty to misdemeanor simple battery family violence. In exchange, prosecutors dropped the charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault … this according to the Ware County District Attorney’s Office in […]