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Steve Harvey’s Daughter Lori & Future Come Out Publicly As A Couple!! (Pics)


Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s daughter, and rap superstar Future are officially an item. The two came out publicly yesterday – at Future’s ALL WHITE 36th birthday party in Atlanta. MTO News was in attendance (shout out to the homie Future!!) and we can confirm that he and Lori were there together as a couple. The […]

Halle Berry: ‘My Racist Ex Wanted Me & My Daughter To Be White!!’

The custody battle between Halle Berry and her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, has taken a weird turn, as the star is claiming that he insisted on identifying Halle and their child as “white.” Halle Berry also claimed Aubry used racial slurs in her presence, reports Radar Online. In a 2011 Los Angeles court filing, Halle […]

Ray J Leaves Princess Love & Daughter Stranded In Vegas


Ray J abandoned his pregnant wife Princess and daughter Melody in Las Vegas this weekend – MTO News has learned. Princess took to social media yesterday to BLAST her reality star husband for allegedly abandoning his family. According to Princess, Ray J left them, so that he could go out partying and “chase thots.” The […]

Caitlyn Jenner’s Mom Doesn’t Get ‘KUWTK’ Success, Thinks Kris Made Daughter Look Spineless

Usually your mom is in your corner, but Caitlyn Jenner’s 93-year-old mother Esther says she just can’t bring herself to watch her daughter’s latest reality drama. She wasn’t a huge fan of her biggest show, either, admitting that she could never quite figure out why “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was such a hit in […]

Wendy’s Founder Was ‘Sorry’ He Named Burger Chain After Daughter

The founder of Wendy’s regretted naming the popular hamburger chain after his daughter. In honor of the franchise’s 50th anniversary, Wendy Thomas-Morse — whose name and likeness inspired the restaurant’s title and cartoon logo — gave an in-depth interview on The Square Deal about the origins of the fast food icon and how her father […]

Atlanta Housewife Kandi Kicks Todd’s Daughter Out To Make Room For Baby


Kandi Buress have asked her 23 year old step-daughter Kayla to leave her room in Kandi’s Atlanta home. And by the look of things, it appears that Kayla will be gone for good. Kandi currently lives in a massive compound in Atlanta, with two houses on the property.Β Here’s a pic of Kandi’s homes. In last […]

TI’s 18 Yr Old Daughter Deletes Instagram After Cyber-Bullying!!


Rapper TI’s 18 year old daughter Deyjah is back in the news again.Β  MTO News has learned that the 18 year old college student has been forced to delete all of her social media pages. All because she was being constantly harassed and bullied. Deyjah Harris was thrust into the news two weeks ago, when […]

Mom Goes Viral For Abusing Daughter On Snapchat!!

A 12 year old girl was brutally beaten by her mother, who Livestreamed the abuse over the social media app Snapchat. And now police are looking for the mom. Here is a link to the video – warning GRAPHIC In the video, the mother starts out telling the audience that she plans on “disciplining” her […]

Tiny Now Firing Shots At TI’s 18 Yr Old Daughter Deyjah


TI and his 18 year old daughter Deyjah are currently at odds. And TI’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, may be joining the family feud. Because yesterday she fired shots at the 18 year old – on social media. The fallout began with TI’s recent interview on the β€œLadies Like Us” podcast. In the interview, the […]

Father & Lesbian Daughter Charged w/ ‘Gang Rape’ Of Woman!!

A father and his lesbian daughter have been charged with what police are calling the kidnapping and rape a 40-year-old Las Vegas woman.Β  Authorities claim that Stanley Alfred Lawton, 54, and his daughter Shaniya Nicole Poche-Lawton, 22, raped a woman and then left her for dead in the California desert. The victim, whose identity is […]