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Dr. Phil Says Quarantine Stress Has Serious Effects, Offers Simple Cure

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Dr. Phil has a few home remedies for pandemic-related stress building up in your body under quarantine — they’re simple and not all that time consuming. Phil says the first thing ya gotta do is acknowledge life is pretty messed up and stressful right now — then, make a daily […]

Netflix ‘Pandemic’ Doctor Says He Has Potential Coronavirus Cure

One of the doctors featured on the show, “Pandemic,” says he may have found a cure for the coronavirus, and the military is now jumping into action to conduct tests. Dr. Jacob Glanville, who heads up Distributed Bio, explained his antibody therapy. It’s a shot that binds, neutralizes and blocks the virus from infecting human […]

FBI Arrests Man for Selling Phony Coronavirus Cure, Claiming Magic Johnson on Board

Breaking News FBI agents say they nailed a coronavirus snake oil salesman — a SoCal man who allegedly claimed he had a cure, and used Magic Johnson‘s name to try to snare investors. Ya, just knew this was bound to happen … the FBI arrested Keith Lawrence Middlebrook Wednesday evening in an undercover sting. The […]

Florida Okeechobee Commissioner Bryant Culpepper Claims Inhaling Blow Dryer Will Cure Coronavirus

A Florida politician has claimed he knows the cure for coronavirus — but it’s all just hot air. Okeechobee County Commissioner Bryant Culpepper told a public meeting that blowing a hairdryer up your nose will protect you from COVID-19. “It might sound kind of silly, but being in the medical field that I was as […]

Michael Irvin Begs For Cure For Cancer After ‘Paralyzing’ Scare

Michael Irvin Begs For Cure For Cancer … After ‘Paralyzing’ Scare 4/2/2019 11:33 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Michael Irvin is PLEADING with Americans to find a cure for cancer … ’cause the NFL Hall of Famer tells TMZ Sports just the fear of having it alone “paralyzed” him. “Think about that. I was paralyzed with fear. […]