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Canadian Guy Coughs and Licks Bank Door, Pissed About Hours

Play video content ViralHog This coronavirus-fueled rant comes to you courtesy of one pissed off Canadian … who stormed out of a bank, licking the door as he went!!! The disgusting, and potentially criminal, incident happened in British Columbia … and the customer was VERY angry about the TD Canada Trust branch adjusting its business […]

Walmart Shopper Coughs & Spits on Employees Over Billing Dispute

Play video content ViralHog This is a terrifying scene for every store clerk these days — a woman coughing and spitting in rage while checking out at a California Walmart!!! The crazy altercation went down in Yreka, CA when the woman got into a spat over her bill while she was at the register this […]

Pennsylvania Supermarket Dumps $35k Worth of Produce After Woman Purposely Coughs All Over It

A Pennsylvania grocery store had to throw out $35k worth of produce over a “very twisted prank”. The owners of Gerrity’s Supermarket claimed that a woman entered the store on Wednesday and purposely coughed all over the fresh produce, as well and the bakery and meat sections, in what they called “a very challenging day.” […]

Woman Coughs All Over Supermarket’s Fresh Produce in ‘Twisted Prank’

A vile woman purposely coughed all over a grocery store’s fresh produce, resulting in a huge waste of food and rotten day for its employees … and the authorities are pursuing charges. According to the co-owner of Gerrity’s Supermarkets, Joe Fasula … the woman — who he calls a “chronic problem in the community” — […]

Kim Kardashian Sanitizes Gift After Khloe Coughs Amid Coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to spread, Kim Kardashian isn’t taking any chances and has found a new BFF in Clorox wipes. During an Instagram Story on Wednesday, the reality star disinfected a play makeup kit that Khloe Kardashian had given Kim to pass along to one of her daughters, either North or Chicago, after she […]

Trump Demands Restart on Interview After Guy Coughs While He’s Talking

President Trump Guy Coughs in Middle of Interview … Nooope, Run it Back!!! 6/16/2019 5:51 PM PDT President Trump doesn’t like having his train of thought interrupted, which he made very clear Sunday by demanding a redo when somebody coughed in the middle of his interview. 45 was chatting it up with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos […]