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A Completely Justifiable Netflix Binge You Won’t Have to Feel Guilty About

Lifestyle A Completely Justifiable Netflix Binge You Wonโ€™t Have to Feel Guilty About The only regret you’d have to deal with is that tub of Ben & Jerry’s or slice of pizza you’re stuffing your face with while you’re at it. by Kames Narayanan | January 9, 2020 If I were Alice, Nextflix would be […]

Neck Cream is Completely Unnecessary According to Skincare Experts

Why You Need Hair Sunscreen

The area near my desk always resembles a chaotic warehouse. There are boxesโ€”many boxesโ€”literally engulfing my chair. Some are opened, some are closed, and unnecessary amounts of bubble wrap are always present. I never enjoy cleaning the mess, but I love making it. In my messy little corner, Iโ€™m able to conjure story ideas or […]

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club From MTV Reality Show is Completely Deserted

Lindsay Lohan Closing Up Shop … Beach Club is No More 6/20/2019 11:39 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Lindsay Lohan‘s beach club is no longer the heart of the party scene in Mykonos … it’s completely deserted and looks like an eerie ghost town.ย  Check out these pics of what was once the fabulous Lohan Beach House […]

Wendy Williams Has Completely Cut Off Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams Kevin Hunter’s Totally Cut Off … Process Started Weeks Ago 4/24/2019 1:00 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Wendy Williamsย is taking several steps — professionally and personally — to erase her estranged husband from her life, and she got the ball rolling even before serving him divorce papers. Sources close to Wendy tell TMZ … she’s […]