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New ‘Tiger King’ Episode Coming, says Jeff Lowe

Play video content Leave it to Jeff Lowe to let the cats out of the bag — there’s a bonus episode of ‘Tiger King’ coming to Netflix. Joe Exotic‘s ex-business partner spilled the tea — yet again — during a cameo video message for Dodgers star Justin Turner. Jeff and his wife, Lauren, say they […]

Full Moon Meaning April 2020: The Super Pink Moon In Libra Is Coming


Ah, the first full moon of spring! For an astrology-lover like myself, this is an extremely exciting time, especially when you factor in the full moon’s meaning for April 2020. This just so happens to be the Super Pink Moon, also known as the Paschal Full Moon, and in addition to being beautiful, it’ll also […]

New Moon March 2020 Meaning: A Fresh Start Is Coming


Scroll To See More Images There’s, um, a lot going on right now, to say the least. Of course I’m watching the news for updates, but in full honestly, I’m looking to the stars for guidance, too. Especially now that I know that a new moon is just days away! That’s right, the March 2020 […]

People Coming Together Via Technology During Coronavirus Quarantines

The coronavirus pandemic has forced folks to get creative with how they kill time, burn carbs and socialize … and modern technology is clutch in making it happen. People stuck in self-quarantine or shelter-in-place mode across the world right now are facing a challenge like never before — how to spend quality time with family, […]

Every TV Season Cut Short Due to Coronavirus — These Shows Won’t Be Coming Back

At this point, it’s basically every reality and scripted television that’s been impacted by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, but now some productions are taking things a step further and deciding that they will not be returning this season at all. While there are shows that premiere year-round now, there are still many networks and series […]

Machine Gun Kelly Says Baby Boom Coming from Coronavirus, Hookup Galore

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Scientists may be advising social distancing among ourselves, but as far as Machine Gun Kelly‘s concerned … sex is very much still on the table and about to see a HUGE surge. We got MGK Saturday in Studio City and asked what he made of speculation that the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Kate Middleton Hair Bangs Proves Side Bangs Are Coming Back

Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge visit to Ireland - 04 Mar 2020

Since the ’80s and ’90s have been in style for years, it was just a matter of time the early-2000s would start to feel fresh again. Kate Middleton’s hair, with bangs, is a subtle nod to styles of the decade. Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge was sporting her usual long, one-length mane and flawless […]

Tom Brady Awkwardly Smiles As Edelman Insists ‘He’s Coming Back’

Play video content SportsCenter Tom Brady‘s coming back for another year with the Patriots — or so says Julian Edelman, even though Tommy’s face tells a much different story. The two Pats stars were at the Syracuse-UNC basketball Saturday and while sitting next to Jimmy Fallon … JE started (jokingly?) telling someone below them that […]

Chris Harrison Says Senior ‘Bachelor’ Show Has Been a Long Time Coming

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Chris Harrison isn’t one to discriminate when it comes to love, which applies to age too — ’cause he all but confirms producers are bringing senior citizens into the ‘Bachelor’ fold. We got the longtime host of the ABC dating series Tuesday at LAX and asked him about this casting […]

Akon Gives Update on His City in Senegal, Says Big Reveal Coming

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Akon‘s plan to bring a futuristic city to his childhood country of Senegal is getting closer to coming to fruition, and he’s going to show it off soon … a 3D rendering anyway. The singer was at LAX Wednesday when he gave us an update on “Akon City” … which […]