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Head Lice Drug Could Be Used to Combat Coronavirus, Studies Show

The latest lead for a potential cure to the novel coronavirus is a treatment used to combat head lice. Preliminary tests done with an antiparasitic drug called Ivermectin are showing promising results, with experts expressing “cautious optimism,” according to ABC News. “Finding a safe, affordable, readily available therapy like ivermectin if it proves effective with […]

Scorpio April Horoscope 2020: Combat Anxiety With Self-Love


Perhaps now more than ever before, it seems everyone is looking for a little guidance, be it from government officials, the media, or even the stars. If you’re researching your Scorpio horoscope for April 2020, it’s likely you’re leaning towards the latter, and I’m here to help. Stressful times force us to confront our realities, […]

Kids Selling Hand Sanitizer Instead of Lemonade To Combat Coronavirus

Mega When life gives you fears over coronavirus … make some hand sanitizer and sell it at your lemonade stand!!! Check out these funny pics of two young entrepreneurs in Texas … the kids are putting a twist on the classic suburban lemonade stand by hawking bottles of hand sanitizer for $3 a pop. Mega […]

Best Conditioners For Bleached Hair: How to Combat Breakage & Dryness

Scroll To See More Images Whether your colorist uses bleach to hand paint on a few sun-kissed highlights for a nice face frame, or you’re the platinum bleach-and-tone type, you know that regardless of how much Olaplex is involved, if you want to go lighter, there’s a good chance that there’s going to be some […]

Trump’s troop deployment to border poses ‘unacceptable risk’ to combat readiness

14 November 2018, Mexico, Tijuana: A soldier patrols the border between Mexico and the USA on the edge of a protest by residents of the Mexican city of Tijuana against the arrival of further migrants from Central America. The rally took place near the border with the USA. They called on the people to leave their camps directly at the border fence and go to the refugee shelters. The Central Americans would create dirt and insecurity, they said. Photo by: Omar Mart

U.S. soldier on patrol to guard new concertina wire It’s been clear since day one that Donald Trump’s declaration of a “national emergency” was nothing more than a chunk of red meat to appease his rabid and racist base. And on Thursday, via two leaked memos obtained by the Los Angeles Times, we learn that Marine Corps Gen. Robert […]