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The Best Temporary Hair Colors to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images Switching up your hair color when your beauty get-up is feeling, well, a little stale, can be pretty daunting. Fortunately, there are several of low-commitment ways to re-invent yourself without breaking the bank or suffering long-term regret. While a drastic haircut may be low-key semi-irreversible, changing your hair color is […]

Summer Nail Colors 2020 That Will Have You Practically Begging for Warm Weather

nails inc freshly juiced nail polish

Though most of us are staying at home so we’re not getting a chance to enjoy the warmer weather, it is officially going to be summer soon. And the summer nail colors for 2020 are good—too good to skip. Give yourself a manicure at home to inject a little brightness into your day. Hey, we […]

BTS Hair Colors: V, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, RM, Jungkook, Jin Cuts & Styles


There’s no doubt that BTS has changed since their debut in 2013. While they’re the same boys at heart, the band has only evolved for the better. BTS’ hair colors have changed over the years as well. At the time of their debut, most of the Bangtan Boys had dark hair (shout out to V’s […]

Beautycounter Lip Trio Is Bold and I’m Not Just Talking About the Colors

beautycounter lip trio

Clean beauty means something different to everyone and every brand. Because we don’t have great regulations in the U.S., you have to research a little to find out what you feel most comfortable with. Beautycounter’s Lip Trio is a new launch from the beauty brand that advocates for more health-protective laws for the personal care […]

Clean Nail Polish Brands With Colors Worthy of a Double Take in 2020

Scroll To See More Images Eco-conscious beauty, though once a very tiny blip on the beauty industry’s radar, is now a force to be reckoned with. Rightfully so, we’re done putting just anything on our face and body. Back in the day, we would allow ourselves to be completely disillusioned by flashy ads and complicated […]

Nail Colors 2020: New Shades for Your First New Year Mani-Pedi

Scroll To See More Images I rang in the New Year with a weeks-old, severely chipped manicure, so you better believe I’m already plotting nail colors to try in 2020…or like, as soon as I can book an appointment. There are many ways to manifest new beginning energy and while the majority of my group […]

French Manicure Colors That Will Pair Beautifully For Your Next Paint Job

Scroll To See More Images Nostalgia is in and of itself an enduring beauty trend. We love taking something we did as kids, putting a modern twist on it, and calling it “vintage.” When oversized scrunchies and blinged-out bobby pins started popping up in Sephora, I was hardly surprised. Mod bobs and crimped ponytails on […]

Best Nail Polish Colors For Each Zodiac Sign

Scroll To See More Images If you’re like me, and anxiously await the big reveal of your horoscope each month, week or even day, you probably find astrology to a comforting guide for how to navigate what’s in store for the future as you move through life’s inherent uncertainties (…not to mention this year’s seemingly […]

Best White Nail Polish Colors to Wear This Winter and Beyond

Scroll To See More Images “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” I think it’s safe to say that in 2019, that “rule” is so early 2000s and completely outdated. As far as I’m concerned, white is appropriate at any time of the year. Whether you’re rocking white graphic liner or coating your nails in the […]

Kardashian & Jenners In Bold Colors – Neon Green, Hot Pink & More – Hollywood Life

Kendall Jenner

While Kim Kardashian tends to wear a lot of neutrals thanks to husband Kanye West’s Yeezy line, she and her sisters have also rocked bright, bold hues over the years. From neon green to bright fuchsia, neon colors have been all the rage over the past year. As with any major fashion trend, Hollywood’s biggest […]