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5 Tips to make your clothes last longer

5 Tips to make your Clothes Last Longer | Girl With Curves

Thanks to Ivory for sponsoring this post. I’ve said it for years and I’ll keep saying it: you don’t have to spend a ton of money on clothes to look and feel amazing! However, you DO have to spend some extra time giving those clothes some extra TLC if you want them to last. And […]

Gisele Says Tom Brady Spends Most Money In Relationship, Most Clothes Too!

Play video content Breaking News Did you know Tom Brady spends more cash than Gisele in their relationship … AND has more clothes than the supermodel too?!?! It’s true … the couple revealed the facts in a new video Tuesday — and Tom’s sheepish admission to both is HILARIOUS!! Gisele posted the footage of the […]

How to Sell Clothes Online: The Best Sites to Make Some Extra Cash

Scroll To See More Images Whether your closet needs to be majorly cleared out before the weather warms up or your budget needs a little padding this month, selling your clothes and accessories online is a great way to give your old items a new life—and get you some extra green. Thanks to technology, society’s […]

M.M. LaFleur Is Lending Their Clothes to Any Woman Running for Office

Scroll To See More Images Whether it be for the House of Representatives or your local town council, if you’re a woman running for office, M.M. LaFleur wants to give you a leg up on the campaign trail. After the 2016 presidential election, the clothing brand asked their customers simple question: How can we support […]

Wendy Williams Apologizes for Saying Gay Men Shouldn’t Wear Women’s Clothes

Play video content Wendy Williams is saying sorry for comments she made on her Thursday show, which were hurtful to the LGBTQ+ community … and vows to do better. The talk show host has been taking heat after she did a segment on Galentine’s Day that turned controversial when she went off on gay men […]

Cowgirl Clothes: How Actual Cowgirls Shop the Western Fashion Trend

Scroll To See More Images For many of us, the Western clothing trend is little more than a passing fad. It’s an excuse to don our most costumey cowgirl clothes, layer fringe over fringe, and wear cowboy hats unironically for the first time, well, ever. But for actual Westerners, the movement is laden with cultural […]

Sequin Clothes to Shop, Because It’s New Year’s Eve (Duh)

Scroll To See More Images New Year’s Eve is the one time of year you’re invited to be as extra as possible. In fact, if you choose not to be extra AF, you might attract more strange looks that you would if you’d just go with it. Because this is New Year’s Eve, damnit, and if […]

Video: Love & Hiphop Joseline Jumped In Miami – Clothes Ripped Off!!

Love & Hip Hop legend Joseline Hernandez was reportedly jumped yesterday, while in Miami. And video of the aftermath of the beating has leaked online. GRAPHIC video of Joseline getting her clothes ripped off According to online reports, Joseline was at a Miami nightclub making an appearance, when she was confronted by a group of […]

Torrid Black Friday 2019 Sale: All the Plus-Size Clothes to Shop

Scroll To See More Images There’s absolutely nothing wrong with shopping until you drop—especially when the prices are dropping, too. And Torrid’s Black Friday 2019 sale is the perfect excuse to fill those carts with everything you can get your hands on, because the savings are going to be very good. With an unfortunate lack of […]

Layered Outfits for Fall 2019: How to Layer Clothes Without Frumpiness

2r4a8226 How I Wear Fall Layers Without Looking Frumpy AF

As soon as October hits and the temperatures start to get all sorts of funky, layered outfit ideas for fall are where it’s at. One day, it’ll be 90 degrees—the sun is shining and you may even be tempted to hit the beach—and then the next, the temperature will drop and you’ll find yourself all […]