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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Doesn’t Buy Bezos’ $10 Billion Climate Change Pivot

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Jeff Bezos pouring tons of money toward fighting climate change is all fine and good in AOC‘s eyes — but he’s still got a hot mess on his hands when it comes to his own company. We got the freshman congresswoman Wednesday in NYC and asked her about Bezos’ big […]

Jeff Bezos Will Attack Climate Change With His Own $10 Billion

Breaking News TMZ.com Jeff Bezos is putting his money where his mouth is … he’s committing to spending $10 BILLION of his own cash to fight climate change. The Amazon honcho announced Monday he’s launching the Bezos Earth Fund … a global initiative he says will fund scientists, activists and non-government organizations that will spearhead […]

‘Black-ish’ Star Jenifer Lewis Rips Climate Change Deniers After Antarctica Trip

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Jenifer Lewis is begging climate change deniers to wake up and smell the smoke from Australia … and believe the scientific facts she observed with her own eyes. The “Black-ish” star was on “TMZ Live” Tuesday to make a passionate plea to save the planet from the effects of man-made […]

AOC Says Climate Crisis Causes Her Anxiety About Having Children

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says what’s happening in Australia shows the compounding effects of climate change … and it has young people — including her — stressed about their future … even giving them pause to have children of their own. We got AOC on Capitol Hill Wednesday night and she touched […]

Sally Field Arrested at Jane Fonda’s ‘FDF’ Climate Change Protest

Play video content Breaking News @FireDrillFriday Jane Fonda‘s ever-growing celebrity crew of climate change activists has a new recruit — Sally Field … and she’s been arrested for the cause too. The legendary actress was hauled away by Capitol police in D.C. Friday for protesting on the steps of the building … just like Fonda, […]

Paris Hilton Says Her Sex Tape Shaming Wouldn’t Fly in Today’s #MeToo Climate

Paris Hilton’s media coverage following the release of a sex tape in 2004 would play out differently in today’s #MeToo era, according to the hotel heiress. In a recent Los Angeles Times interview, the 38-year-old business mogul revealed how she was publicly shamed at the age of 20 after an ex released an explicit video […]

Harvard-Yale Football Game Delayed Over Student Climate Change Protest

Play video content Breaking News ESPN The Harvard-Yale college football game that’s underway in New Haven is currently on hold because a bunch of students stormed the field to protest climate change. It appears the protest got underway between the second and third quarters of the game, as swarms of people strolled out from the […]

Jane Fonda Dodges Fifth Arrest During Climate Change Protest

Play video content Exclusive Details TMZ.com Jane Fonda‘s “Fire Drill Fridays” arrest streak is over — she dodged handcuffs this week, but only at the behest of the climate change movement for which she’s become the face … TMZ has learned. The actress showed up Friday in Washington, D.C. and — like she has week […]

Ben & Jerry’s Founders Standing with Jane Fonda for Climate Change Protest

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com The founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream know they’re most likely about to spend a night in cold jail cell, but they’re totally down to follow Jane Fonda‘s lead in protesting climate change. Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen are joining forces with Jane for her “Fire Drill Fridays” demonstration […]

Jane Fonda to Spend Night in Jail After 4th Arrest Protesting Climate Change

Play video content Breaking News TMZ.com Jane Fonda has been arrested for the FOURTH TIME in as many weeks as part of her crusade for climate change, but this time … she’ll also have to spend a night in the slammer. Jane was arrested by U.S. Capitol Police Friday inside the Hart Senate Building. She, […]