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Man Named Jesus Arrested For Vandalizing Church, Confesses

A North Carolina man named Jesus has confessed after vandalizing a local church’s historic stained glass window … this according to cops. Police arrested Jesus Jose Arellano after he used a foot-long sandstone rock to smash a Tiffany glass window at Grace Moravian Church. The stained glass window, which dates back nearly 100 years to […]

Gizelle Bryant Denies Rumors Jamal Bryant Had A Secret Baby With Church Member

Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant is standing by her man and is denying that her ex-husband and current boyfriend, Jamal Bryant, father a secret love child with a church member. β€œThat is all the way a lie,” she said when asked about the rumors during an episode of Watch What Happens Live With […]

Illinois Church Sues Governor Pritzker Over Stay-At-Home Order

Breaking News An Illinois church and its pastor believe the Governor is treating them like second-class citizens during the coronavirus pandemic … and they’re suing to open back up. Pastor Stephen Cassell and The Beloved Church of Lena, Illinois are going after Gov. Jay Pritzker over the state’s stay-at-home orders, claiming places of worship are […]

Pastor Tony Spell Defies Law and Holds Church Service With Ankle Monitor

Play video content Central City News Reverend Tony Spell is flirting with death yet again … because he’s defied authorities again and jammed people into his church … despite being on house arrest. Spell displayed his ankle bracelet to his congregation, saying it was a cryin’ shame that people have to “hide.” Unlike most responsible […]

Photo Proof Pastor Tony Spell’s Church Was Packed on Easter

Exclusive Pastor Tony Spell wasn’t lying about the number of heads inside his church walls for Easter Sunday — ’cause now we got visual proof … and it sure looked like a full house. The Baton Rouge minister posted this photo as the header on his Facebook page following his Easter service, which went down […]

Gov. Gavin Newsom Sued by Church Leaders Over Lockdown Restrictions

Exclusive Gavin Newsom‘s clueless to think churches are not as essential as burger joints and coffee shops … so claim a group of church leaders suing him over the lockdown. A group of pastors and church members filed the suit claiming religious services are “essential for the spiritual health of the congregation so that the […]

Virginia Pastor Dies From COVID-19 After Holding Packed Church Service

Play video content 3/22/20 New Deliverance Evangelistic Church The evangelical pastor who vowed to keep preaching unless he was “in jail or the hospital” has died of COVID-19 … only weeks after defiantly opening his church doors. Bishop Gerald Glenn showed off his jam-packed congregation back on March 22 at the New Deliverance Evangelistic Church […]

Pastor Tony Spell Opens Baton Rouge Church for 1,300 on Easter

Play video content Exclusive Details Central City News Pastor Tony Spell held an in-person Easter service, as promised, and says he had more than 1,000 faithful parishioners there … defying Louisiana’s Governor and potentially spreading the coronavirus. The minister was fired up for his flock Sunday at Life Tabernacle Church, and though he’s previously been […]

Kentucky Church Packed for Easter Service, Cops Waiting in Parking Lot

Breaking News Kentucky State Police were circling the parking lot of a church that’s packed for Easter service — defying state orders — and issuing warnings, if not citations. Maryville Baptist Church in Hillview, Kentucky drew what seemed to be nearly a full house Sunday morning. A reporter for Louisville’s Courier-Journal captured images in the […]

Catholic Church Suspends Confessions, Sacraments for Those Near Death Only

Exclusive Catholics in America can still praise God on laptops this Easter, but confessions will have to wait, as churches across the country put a pause on that ritual. TMZ’s learned several Catholic Church leaders in major U.S. cities are ordering confessions and other sacraments to be discontinued during the coronavirus pandemic. Joseph Zwilling, the […]