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Elon Musk Dances His Face Off in China for Tesla Factory Opening

Play video content Here’s Elon Musk getting super loose on the floor — not at a nightclub, but for the opening of his new factory in China — and his moves scream … let’s sell some Model 3s, baby!!! The Tesla honcho was in Shanghai Tuesday celebrating the launch of Tesla’s manufacturing plant, and he […]

Ex-NBAer Fined For Not Looking at China Flag During Anthem Before CBA Game

Breaking News Ex-NBA player Guerschon Yabusele — who now plays professionally in China — was fined by the CBA this weekend for not looking at the Chinese flag during the national anthem. … but Yabusele insists he was NOT trying to disrespect anyone. The 23-year-old French baller — who played 2 seasons with the Boston […]

Shaquille O’Neal Defends Daryl Morey Over China Comments, ‘He Was Right’

Breaking News “Daryl Morey was right. Whenever you see something going wrong anywhere in the world, you should have the right to say that’s not right.” Shaquille O’Neal just went to bat for Houston Rockets’ Daryl Morey over his China comments that started an NBA firestorm … saying the heat the GM is taking ain’t […]

Charles Barkley Defends LeBron James, Says China Criticism Is ‘Really Unfair’

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com “Every major American company does business in China and it’s not fair to act like LeBron’s gonna save the world.” That’s Charles Barkley staunchly DEFENDING LeBron James and the comments he made about the NBA’s issues with China … telling TMZ Sports Bron’s getting done DIRTY. Of course, LeBron has […]

NBA’s Enes Kanter Goes After LeBron James Over China Comments

Breaking News TMZ/Getty Composite Enes Kanter has a message for LeBron James — “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.” Moments after LeBron broke his silence on the situation with China, the Turkish-born Boston Celtics player went to Twitter to express his disgust, as illustrated by the green “sick face” emoji. Oh, and when LeBron pointed out that […]

LeBron James Breaks Silence on Daryl Morey, ‘He Wasn’t Educated On China’

Breaking News Getty LeBron James is FINALLY talking about the Daryl Morey tweet that sparked an international incident … saying the Rockets GM simply “wasn’t educated” about China before he posted his pro-Hong Kong tweet. “I think that’s another situation that should stay behind closed doors,” LeBron told the media. LeBron James on if Daryl […]

Al Sharpton Says NBA Has To Stand Up to China, $ Shouldn’t Trump Democracy!

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Al Sharpton is weighing in on the NBA’s recent drama with China … telling TMZ Sports the league needs to take a stand for democracy and not let the money talk them out of it!!! Of course, Sharpton is referring to the backlash the association’s gotten after Rockets GM Daryl […]

Julian Castro Says NBA Should Pressure China, Defend Freedom of Speech

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Presidential candidate Julian Castro says the NBA should seize the opportunity to push America’s constitutional principles in China, even if it ends up costing the league millions. The Democratic hopeful came on “TMZ Live” Wednesday to discuss the international feud between the league and the Republic, over Rockets General Manager […]

‘South Park’ Mocks NBA’s China Apology, ‘We Too Love Money More Than Freedom’

Breaking News TMZ/Getty Composite The guys behind “South Park” are taking shots at the NBA for apologizing to China … and it’s pretty funny in an international-political-incident sort of way. Here’s the deal … both South Park and the NBA are in hot water in China for recent criticisms about the government. Houston Rockets general […]

Cameron Boyce’s Pal China Anne McClain Breaks Down, No Idea He Had Epilepsy

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com “Descendants 3” star China Anne McClain grew up with her costar and BFF Cameron Boyce, and says his death hit her like a ton of bricks, because almost no one knew he was suffering from epilepsy. China was on “TMZ Live” Friday to talk about Cameron and Friday’s Disney Channel […]