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Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Demand Simmers After Recent Mayhem

Exclusive TMZ.com Popeyes is no longer a breeding ground for violence over its chicken sandwich … the mania’s finally died down at many locations. We hit up the store on world-famous Hollywood Blvd., which is normally swarmed just because of tourists … but there was only a small line of customers. Also, everyone was cool […]

Popeyes Employee Made Chicken Sandwiches on Trash Bin, Owner Apologizes

Exclusive TMZ.com A Popeyes employee was caught making their now-infamous chicken sandwiches above a trash can — for which the owner has now taken full responsibility and corrected. TMZ has obtained some pretty shocking photos taken Friday at a Popeyes restaurant in Fairfax, VA — where it appears an employee behind the counter is fast […]

Popeyes Employees Fight Worker Selling Chicken Sandwich On Side

Play video content @JustKesh87 The fights over the reintroduction of Popeyes’ chicken sandwich are not slowing down … workers at one franchise ganged up on a fellow employee they say was selling the popular item on the low. Check out this insane video from a Popeyes restaurant in Los Angeles … it’s a madhouse behind […]

Popeyes Not Pulling Chicken Sandwich Despite Murder and Mayhem

Exclusive Getty Popeyes‘ wildly popular chicken sandwich will remain on menus nationwide, despite the chaos it’s causing at several locations … including a fatal stabbing. A rep for the fried chicken fast-food chain tells TMZ the sandwich is still available … meaning it’s not being pulled in the wake of scattered mayhem erupting across the […]

Boosie Badazz Disses Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich: ‘This B*tch Is NOT All That!’

Popeye’s famous chicken sandwich may be back, but Boosie Badazz made it clear that he would not be a repeat customer after he picked one up to see what all the fuss is about. Bossie hopped online to complain about the sandwich after he says he waited “49 minutes and 53 seconds,” for the order. […]

George Lopez Says Don’t Die for Popeyes Chicken, But Sex is Another Story

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com George Lopez says the chaos and literal bloodshed that’s erupting over the Popeyes famous chicken sandwich just ain’t worth it, especially considering what he believes you’re actually eating. The comedian was at LAX Tuesday when he weighed in on the frenzy over the notorious sandwich’s comeback, telling us plain and […]

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Dispute Ends in Fatal Stabbing

Play video content @sorem12 Fights have erupted all over the place with the reintroduction of the Popeyes chicken sandwich, and one altercation left a 28-year-old man dead. The man waiting in line at Popeyes in Prince George’s County, Maryland Monday night was involved in an altercation when either someone cut in front of him or […]

G-Eazy Treats 100 Randos to Famous Chicken Joint Nando’s

G-Eazy‘s giving getting saucy a whole new meaning … after treating 100 fans to a chow down at his favorite chicken joint. The “Me, Myself & I” rapper corralled 100 of his most fervent fans Friday night in Chicago for a spicy spread at Nando’s PERi-PERi Chicken (think Chipotle but with an explosive taste featuring […]

17 Easy Chicken Recipes Perfect for Fall 2019


When it comes to weeknight recipes, chicken dinners are about as classic as it gets. Of all the Dinner Meats, chicken is an inexpensive and versatile option, as well as a great source of lean protein. It also cooks relatively quickly. Plus, it’s easy to freeze cooked or raw! And here at STYLECASTER, we’re all […]

Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich is Back, If You Bring Your Own Bun

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite If ya can’t get the recipe for Popeyes’ stupidly popular chicken sandwich, here’s the next best thing — a tasty loophole to get around the national shortage, and all ya need is some buns, hun!!! The chicken joint tells us it’s really simple to recreate the taste of their sando, which became […]