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Super Chic Holiday Decor Ideas—and How to Shop Them

Scroll To See More Images Our holiday flights are booked, our wishlists are filled to the absolute brim and we’re already dreaming of the Instagrams we’ll post in our sparkly New Year’s Eve outfits. The only thing left on the agenda? Brainstorming holiday decor ideas sure to make our homes feel as holiday-ready as we […]

Comfy Outfit Ideas That Are Chic Enough to Wear In Public


It’s just about to be winter, y’all. The means two things: 1. It’s hella cold, so warm outfits are a must, and 2. I am not leaving the house unless I am comfortable AF—I know I’m not alone in this. When you think of comfy outfit ideas, the first thing your mind likely goes to […]

Tyra Banks’ American Influencer Awards Outfit Is Chic and Oh-So Sexy

Scroll To See More Images Never—not even in all my years of watching America’s Next Top Model in my best friend’s basement every weekend—have I seen Tyra Banks look this damn good. Considering the model and actress has served some seriously incredible looks throughout the years, that’s saying something. But at the 2019 American Influencer Awards, […]

ASOS Black Friday 2019 Deals: 34 Chic Items to Score on Sale

Scroll To See More Images For most of the year, our wardrobes and our budgets are pitted against each other. We can have a stunning closet or a healthy bank account—striving for both is asking for too much. But during ASOS’ 2019 Black Friday sale, the two are no longer mutually exclusive. You can have […]

Lucy Liu Bob Haircut Is So Chic for Fall

lucy liu haircut

If you’re not watching Why Women Kill, what are you waiting for? Lucy Liu both stars and also directs some episodes of the CBS All Access show and she’s so good. She wears a very obvious ’80s-era wig so unless you follow Liu on Instagram, you might not spot her chic new bob haircut. She […]

Aubrey Plaza’s Red Carpet Look Features a Chic See-Through Top

Scroll To See More Images Hot take: Aubrey Plaza is the coolest person on the planet. She’s an incredible actress, a little bit weird and knows! How! To! Dress!—No notes. As evidenced by Aubrey Plaza’s Jojo Rabbit red carpet premiere outfit, the star has some serious sartorial chops, and I cannot get enough. Seriously, if […]

Cardi B’s Street Style Suit Look Is Chic as Hell

Scroll To See More Images Whenever—and I mean whenever—I see something about Cardi B in the news, I always think about her song “Money.” Specifically, in the case of Cardi B’s latest street style outfit, I think about the line, “You know that Cardi’s a freak. All my pajamas is leather.” Disclaimer: the rapper is not […]

Rocks Chic Look To Brother’s Party – HollywoodLife


Rihanna was fashion perfection yet again in an all-white jacket and mini-skirt at an event in London. This comes after she confirmed her romance with Hassan Jameel is going ‘really well.’ Rihanna is always on top of the style game. Not only does she have her own luxury Fenty clothing line, every designer in the […]

Keke Palmer’s Street Style Just Went Cowboy-Mermaid Chic

Scroll To See More Images If you’ve ever binged on the Ryan Murphy-created show Scream Queens, you’ll know the catch phrase Keke Palmer’s character (Zayday Williams) often used: “What’s the gag?” The actress has played some hilarious roles, worn some wild ensembles and blessed us all with the “Sorry to this man” meme, but Keke […]

ModCloth’s ’70s-Inspired Fall Collection Is Endlessly Retro Chic

Scroll To See More Images The 1970s were filled with incomparable rock music, love, free spirits and iconic fashion. And, while we can’t go back in time to the days of yore, at least we can recreate some of the chicest looks of the time—with a modern twist. ModCloth’s new fall Free Spirits Collection is […]