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Dr. Charles Sophy Says U.S. Craziness May Get Worse

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Dr. Charles Sophy — one of the leading psychiatrists in the country – has a scary outlook on the direction America’s heading — downright terrifying — but on the bright side … he thinks we can turn it around. The famous shrink joined “TMZ Live” Friday, and we wanted to […]

Charles Barkley ‘Feels Sadness’ Over Fallout with Michael Jordan, But He Can Call Me!

Play video content Breaking News Waddle & Silvy / ESPN Chicago Charles Barkley says he’s still VERY sad about his broken friendship with ex-BFF Michael Jordan … but he’s down to bury the hatchet if MJ would just give him a call. “The guy was like a brother to me for, shoot, 20-something years,” Barkley […]

Prince William Reacts to Prince Charles’ Coronavirus & COVID-19 Diagnosis

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The Prince of Wales is healthy now, but Prince William’s reaction to Prince Charles’ coronavirus diagnosis was nothing but fear. In a recent interview with BBC Breakfast, the Duke of Cambridge opened up about how he was “concerned” for his 71-year-old father after he tested positive for COVID-19 in March. “I have to admit, at […]

Prince Charles is ‘On the Other Side’ of Coronavirus Illness

Play video content @ClarenceHouse Prince Charles says his health is on the upswing as he battles the coronavirus — and he’s feeling well enough to give the UK his version of “keep calm and carry on.” The heir to the throne made a video address to his royal subjects, saying … “Having recently gone through […]

Prince Charles Reportedly Tests Positive For Coronavirus!!

Prince Charles, a member of the British royal family, has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus. “He has been displaying mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health and has been working from home throughout the last few days as usual,” the prince’s office said, according to Wales Online. “It is not possible to ascertain from […]

Prince Charles Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Breaking News The man who would be king has the virus … and the Palace issued a scary warning to lots of people. Prince Charles is displaying mild symptoms … this according to a Buckingham Palace spokesperson. The Prince is 71, so he’s in the high-risk group. His wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, has taken […]

Prince Charles Has Coronavirus: Did Camilla Also Test Positive?

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On the mend. Prince Charles has coronavirus. The Prince Wales tested positive for COVID-19, Clarence House confirmed on Wednesday, March 25. A representative for Clarence House, the royal residence that he and his wife, Camlla, Duchess of Cornwall, live in, revealed that the Prince of Wales has been “working from home” since he learned of […]

Charles Barkley Says He Tested Negative For Coronavirus

Charles Barkley has revealed that he has tested negative for coronavirus days after he announced that he was feeling unwell, fearing that he had contracted COVID-19. “I’ve received my COVID-19 test results this morning and they are negative. I’d like to thank everyone for reaching out and expressing your concern and support. You all be […]

Charles Barkley Places Self In Quarantine While He Awaits Coronavirus Test Results

Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has revealed that he is self-quarantining while awaiting results for a COVID-19 test amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Barkley talked to TNT about his decision to isolate himself until he gets the results. “I spent the earlier part of the week in New York City. When I got to Atlanta […]