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Charles Barkley Says He Tested Negative For Coronavirus

Charles Barkley has revealed that he has tested negative for coronavirus days after he announced that he was feeling unwell, fearing that he had contracted COVID-19. “I’ve received my COVID-19 test results this morning and they are negative. I’d like to thank everyone for reaching out and expressing your concern and support. You all be […]

Charles Barkley Places Self In Quarantine While He Awaits Coronavirus Test Results

Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has revealed that he is self-quarantining while awaiting results for a COVID-19 test amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Barkley talked to TNT about his decision to isolate himself until he gets the results. “I spent the earlier part of the week in New York City. When I got to Atlanta […]

Charles Barkley Speaks On Kobe Bryant’s 2003 Rape Case: ‘Had A Flaw That We All Know About’

Charles Barkley is catching some heat after he addressed the 2003 rape case against late basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, saying that it is a part of his legacy. “You have to tell the picture in totality,’ Barkley said during a group debate on Inside The NBA. “We’re not making Kobe out to be no hero. […]

Willie D: ‘I Wish Charles Barkley Died Instead Of Kobe Bryant’

Hip hop star and activist Willie D is going viral today for making some controversial statements about deceased basketball legend Kobe Bryant – and Charles Barkley. Willie D told fans yesterday that he wishes that Charles Barkley would have died instead of Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant passed away tragically in a helicopter crash on Sunday […]

Charles Barkley Accused Of Threatening Black Woman!! (Pics)

NBA commentator Charles Barkley is in trouble – he’s being accused of threatening to beat up a female journalist for Axios, who is also a Black woman. In the past, Charles has had a troubled relationship with Black women. He’s been accused of making many publicly derogatory comments about them. Andrew he’s being accused of […]