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Jane Fonda Dodges Fifth Arrest During Climate Change Protest

Play video content Exclusive Details TMZ.com Jane Fonda‘s “Fire Drill Fridays” arrest streak is over — she dodged handcuffs this week, but only at the behest of the climate change movement for which she’s become the face … TMZ has learned. The actress showed up Friday in Washington, D.C. and — like she has week […]

Kanye West Reaffirms 2024 Presidential Run and a Name Change

Play video content Kanye West knows what’s going to put him in the Oval Office in 2024 — he’s reaffirming his plans to run while revealing his platform and a name change … a huge one. Kanye dropped bombshell after bombshell Thursday in NYC, where he spoke at the Fast Company Innovation Festival. Seated next […]

Ben & Jerry’s Founders Standing with Jane Fonda for Climate Change Protest

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com The founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream know they’re most likely about to spend a night in cold jail cell, but they’re totally down to follow Jane Fonda‘s lead in protesting climate change. Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen are joining forces with Jane for her “Fire Drill Fridays” demonstration […]

Jane Fonda to Spend Night in Jail After 4th Arrest Protesting Climate Change

Play video content Breaking News TMZ.com Jane Fonda has been arrested for the FOURTH TIME in as many weeks as part of her crusade for climate change, but this time … she’ll also have to spend a night in the slammer. Jane was arrested by U.S. Capitol Police Friday inside the Hart Senate Building. She, […]

Burt’s Bees Change For Nature Campaign: How You Can Help

Scroll To See More Images Ethical beauty brand Burt’s Bees is a trusted label when it comes to natural-focused skincare and cosmetics, but the brand recently took a very public stance on climate change to protest the widespread dismissal of such environmental issues during the UN Climate Summit last month. On September 26, the brand […]

Ted Danson, Jane Fonda Arrested Over Climate Change Demonstration

Play video content ABC7 Ted Danson has been arrested … and it’s exactly what he was gunning for. The actor was handcuffed on Capitol Hill Friday during Jane Fonda‘s third “Fire Drill Fridays” … a protest focusing on the perils of climate change. Danson was one of the featured speakers, who addressed a hundred or […]

Diddy Wants to Change Name to Sean Love Combs

Getty Diddy is looking to reinvent himself again with another name change … he’s taking legal action to switch his name from Sean John to Sean Love. According to docs, obtained by TMZ … Diddy filed a petition in Los Angeles County Superior Court for a name change. In the docs, Diddy says he’s changing […]

Jane Fonda Arrested Again in D.C. During Climate Change Protest

Play video content NowThis Jane Fonda‘s true to her word — she said she’s willing to get hauled off to jail every Friday in order to raise awareness about the climate crisis … and she’s walking that walk. Jane and several other protesters — including her “Grace and Frankie” costar and “Law & Order” legend, […]

Jane Fonda Arrested at U.S. Capitol During Climate Change Protest

Play video content Breaking News TMZ.com Jane Fonda is willing to go to jail over climate change — she just got busted outside the U.S. Capitol during a massive protest. Jane was arrested Friday along with a number of other protesters on the steps on the east side of the Capitol building. In video from […]

Celeb Attorney Laura Wasser Says ‘Marriage Story’ Can Change Views of Divorce

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Scarlett Johansson, Laura Dern and director Noah Baumbach‘s new movie, “Marriage Story,” has several ties to famed divorce attorney Laura Wasser … who thinks the film can have a huge impact on American families. We got Hollywood’s “disso queen” in NYC Saturday night, outside The Polo Bar, and asked her […]