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Detroit Pistons Offer Up New Performance Center for COVID-19 Uses

Breaking News The Detroit Pistons are taking a huge step in helping out their community amid the coronavirus outbreak — offering health officials a massive space they own and operate to be used for anything and everything COVID-19 related. The Athletic’s James Edwards III broke the news Saturday, saying Pistons brass are willing to put […]

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. Closes Doors to Visitors Due to Coronavirus

Exclusive Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles is closing its doors to most visitors during the coronavirus pandemic … TMZ has learned. As of early Wednesday morning, the hospital put the new rules in place to severely restrict the number of outside people entering the hospital. We’re told surgery patients, and emergency room patients will […]

Kobe Bryant And Gianna Memorial, Thousands To Pack Staples Center

Exclusive Getty Thousands of Kobe and Gianna Bryant mourners are just hours away from packing Staples Center for a ceremony celebrating the Mamba and Mambacita’s lives … and TMZ Sports will livestream all of it. The event is expected to be incredibly moving and emotional. Β As we reported, the demand to attend the memorial was […]

Kobe’s Family Is Selling Tickets To Staples Center Memorial Service!!

Kobe Bryant’s memorial serve will be held next weekend- and already, there’s controversy. In a shocking move, the Laker’s organization and Kobe’s family have chosen to sell tickets to the event, instead of giving them away. The money they earn, will purportedly be given to charity. But the Lakers aren’t selling them to the public, […]

Vanessa Bryant Says Kobe and Gigi Memorial Will Go Down Feb. 24 at Staples Center

Exclusive Details Getty The Kobe and Gigi Bryant public memorial has been set for Monday, Feb. 24 at Staples Center — with organizers expecting a MASSIVE turnout, and Vanessa Bryant just announced it. The date (2/24) is significant — #24 was Kobe’s jersey number and #2 was the number his daughter, Gigi, wore. Worth noting, […]

Lakers Giving Away 20,000 Kobe Bryant Shirts at Staples Center

Breaking News IMAGN Everyone who attends the Lakers game Friday night will get a free Kobe Bryant tribute shirt, courtesy of the team … 20,000 in total. The hard-working people at Staples Center have draped a Kobe shirt on every single seat — half of the arena will get Kobe #8 shirts. The other half […]

Offset Detained By Police At Los Angeles Shopping Center!!

Migos rapper Offset was detained by police on Wednesday at The Grove, which is a well-known open-air shopping complex in Los Angeles. According to several reports, Los Angeles police officers responded to a report of somebody with a gun in the shopping center’s multi-story parking structure. The cops told TMZ that the individual who was […]

Kobe Bryant Memorial Could Be Held at Coliseum Instead of Staples Center

Exclusive Getty Kobe Bryant‘s public memorial could be such a massive event, organizers are considering holding it at the famous L.A. Coliseum because the Staples Center simply isn’t big enough. Our sources tell us … a meeting took place this week to discuss where Kobe’s eventual memorial might go down in the coming weeks or […]

Halsey Clarifies Tweet About the Collapse of One World Trade Center – Pitchfork

Halsey has clarified her intentions regarding a controversial tweet directed at music publication Pitchfork, which turned out to have much more far-reaching implications. On Wednesday, Pitchfork shared its review of the singer’s latest record, “Manic,” writing on Twitter that “too much of this album sounds like the amorphous pop that you might associate with a […]

Meghan Markle Surfaces at Women’s Center in Vancouver Amid Drama

Eastside Women’s Centre Meghan Markle and the other Royals need some fresh air — so she and a few others are getting out and, seemingly, getting on with their lives … all in good spirits too. The Duchess of Sussex surfaced Tuesday in Vancouver — she’s reportedly living on the island across the way — […]