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Best CBD Skin Care Products to Celebrate 4/20

cbd haoma

CBD is everywhere these days, from skincare to haircare to supplements and bath bombs. Hey, it’s even in makeup like mascara and lip gloss. It’s pretty overwhelming and to be honest, it’s not all super legit. I’m not saying they’re not all great products but many don’t contain the amount, type, or any CBD you’re […]

New Ulta Products January 2020: Retinol Serum, CBD Deodorant and More

Scroll To See More Images Every day is a holiday at Ulta. If there isn’t a massive markdown event like the Friendsgiving Sale or Holiday Beauty Blitz, there’s a cult-favorite brand finally joining the ranks or an exclusive drop you can’t find anywhere else. Case in point: the holiday season may be officially over, but […]

What Is CBD, Why Should I Take It, and Where Can I Find It?


Over the past few years, three little letters have captivated our collective imagination: CBD. Though Cannabidiol (CBD) has been around since the 1940s, it’s only recently entered the mainstream. And now that it has, it’s not at all uncommon to see parties serving CBD cocktails, stores selling CBD-infused skincare products, and people taking CBD to […]

Ganja Yoga Review: What the Experience Taught Me About CBD

noel walker-ganga yoga review

Rich moments are etched into my psyche from ventures with cannabis-enhanced yoga. I was first introduced to the trend at Tmrw.Tday—a part wellness retreat, part music and culture festival packaged as a week of relaxation on the 7-mile beach stretch in Negril Jamaica. The class, “ganja yoga,” stuck out on my itinerary essentially because I […]

American Eagle Mood Is a Line of Just Launched CBD Beauty Products

american eagle

While you’re in American Eagle grabbing a new pair of jeans or a sweater for fall, now you’ll be able to pick up to 45 personal care products at the same time. The retail giant just launched Mood, a line of bath and aromatherapy items in six specific scents—one for all your moods. Each includes […]

Nomad Haircare Is the CBD Brand You Need to Know About

nomad haircare

It seems like every day there’s a new CBD beauty product. That’s probably because there is—more than one, realistically. The market is becoming so saturated, it can be a little exhausting. That’s why when one comes across our desks that sounds innovative and fresh, we have to take a second look. Enter Nomad Haircare, a […]

Best CBD Products That Actually Deliver Results

Scroll To See More Images Last year, a road trip that ended in Los Angeles made one thing abundantly clear: the world’s obsession with all things CBD had taken on a life of its own. On the west coast (far away from my NYC home base), it felt like literally everyone kept a tincture or […]

Milk Makeup Kush Waterproof Mascara Will Give You All the Volume

milk kush lash primer

Exactly one year ago, Milk Makeup launched the first product in its Kush line: a vegan mascara infused with cannabis seed oil. It became instantly popular for its thickening qualities without the use of beeswax. Now, in honor of the 4/20 holiday, even more Kush products are coming, including a new mascara. Milk Makeup Kush […]

Sagely Dreamwell Collection Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster

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Even if you love to sleep like I do, it’s not always easy to calm down from a crazy busy day. We know scrolling through Instagram and watching Netflix doesn’t help, but it can be tough to quiet your mind and get into sleep mode. I have a feeling the Sagely Dreamwell Collection just might […]