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Offset Caught Cheating – Hides Phone When Cardi Enters Room!! (VIDEO)


Cardi B’s husband Offset is being accused of cheating on her again, MTO News has learned. [see video above] While there’s no hard evidence of Offset actually stepping out on Cardi, he is acting very suspicious. Yesterday, Offset was Livestreaming himself playing video games. And while he was playing the game – Cardi came into […]

Amazon Delivery Guy Spits on Package, Caught on Video

Play video content Exclusive Ring This is disgusting, horrifying and possibly criminal during the coronavirus pandemic — an Amazon delivery guy was caught spitting on a package and appearing to use his hand to smear it, as well. TMZ’s obtained video of the vile incident, which we’re told occurred Thursday evening at a duplex residence […]

Kanye West Caught LYING To Taylor Swift In New Leaked Video!!

Remember when Kanye West & Taylor Swift had beef, over some lyrics to Kanye’s 2016 song Famous. In the song, Kanye West raps that Taylor Swift “owes him sex.” He also calls Taylor a “b*tch” and says, “I made that b*tch famous.” When Famous was released, the lyrics was heavily criticized by media outlets. But […]

Officer Caught ‘Planting Drugs’ On Black Man – Attacks Cameraman!! (Video)

MTO News has obtained a very disturbing video, which appears to show a police officer planting drugs on a Black man. We have not yet determined where the video was taken, or whether the alleged victim is still in the custody of the police. HERE IS THE VIDEO – warning contains graphic imagery According to […]

Twitter: Atlanta Housewife Marlo ‘Caught Stealing’ Last Night!! (Video)

Was Marlo Hampton stealing on last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Probably not – but folks on Twitter believe that she was. Marlo has always been a bit of an enigma. The beautiful housewife does not have a job, or any discernible income, but she always seems to have expensive clothes. And […]

Andrew Gillum Enters REHAB After Being Caught In Alleged ‘Gay Orgy’!!

Former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum told his fans and followers that he will enter a rehab facility to address his alcohol abuse, MTO News has learned. Andrew made the decision after police found him inebriated inside a Miami Beach hotel room early Friday morning with another man who allegedly overdosed on crystal meth. The […]

Candace Owens: Andrew Gillum Caught At Meth Gay Orgy!! (Receipts)


Former Tallahassee mayor and Florida gubernatorial candidate is being accused of being caught at a meth filled gay orgy last night in Miami. The accusations came from conservative columnist Candace Owens. She posted a police report where a 40 year old Black male named Andrew Gillum, was caught at what appears too be a gay […]

Loni Love Responds To Backlash Over Amanda Seales’ Facial Expressions: ‘She Was Caught Off Guard’

Loni Love has defended the new co-host of The Real, Amanda Seales, after Twitter dragged her for her mean facial expressions last week after Love cried on-air about Black women not knowing how to eat healthily in the hood. Speaking to Madame Noire, Love said the following: “She personally called me, and she was like, […]

Atlanta Housewife Nene Allegedly Caught Husband Greg Cheating! (Pics)


There’s an explosive new repot about Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes and her husband Greg, MTO News has learned. According to a new report, Nene allegedly caught Gregg having an inappropriate relationship with one of the employees at her boutique. This is Juanita: Here’s what Page Six is reporting: A source told us […]

NY Police Brutally Beat Unarmed Man – Caught On Video!! (Graphic)

New York City police are under fire today, for brutally beating an unarmed man. MTO News has confirmed that the vicious beating occurred early this morning in Canarsie Brooklyn. And the incident was captured on video. The video starts with a Caucasian undercover officer detaining a man, and refusing to allow him to leave. The […]