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Tory Lanez Caught Partying W/ Future’s Baby Mama – Eliza Reign!!

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Future’s baby mama Eliza Reign was captured on video partying with Tory Lanez this week.  In the clip, Eliza is seen in the rapper’s home. — which he appeared to turn into a nightclub — and Eliza can be seen grinding on another woman while Lanez cheers them on from the sidelines. Back In December, […]

Detroit Cop Caught On Video Plowing Through BLM Protesters in SUV

Play video content @DJEazyTwist / Twitter Yet another video showing a police officer mowing down Black Lives Matter protesters … this time in Detroit where the cop in his cruiser’s doing exactly that. The horrifying incident unfolded late Sunday night in Southwest Detroit where protesters were peacefully demonstrating against systemic racism. They were heading back […]

Sperm Whale Caught in Fishing Net Freed by Divers, Up-Close POV

A sperm whale that got caught in a giant fishing net got a much-needed hand from Italian divers, who captured the incredible rescue on camera … up close and personal. This heartwarming scene went down Friday off the coast of Lipari, where some biologists working at a turtle recovery center noticed the whale not too […]

North Carolina Cops Fired for ‘Extremely Racist’ Comments Caught on Video

Three Wilmington PD officers in North Carolina have been canned after a video recording revealed “extremely racist” comments and disturbing conversations. The 3 cops — Cpl. Jessie Moore, Kevin Piner and Brian Gilmore — were fired Wednesday for violating standards of conduct and using inappropriate jokes and slurs … including Piner saying he’s ready for […]

Bay Area Cops Sued for Excessive Force Caught on Video Against Two Black Men

Play video content Daniel Horowitz/YouTube The City of Richmond, CA and a handful of their police officers are being hauled into court over an incident that reeks of police brutality … and it’s all on video. According to court docs — obtained by TMZ — two black men will sue the city, along with three […]

Racist Troll Allegedly Caught And Stabbed MULTIPLE TIMES On IG Live!! (Graphic)

A racist troll was allegedly caught after making disparaging remarks about Black people Then the alleged racist was beaten and stabbed multiple times – and the entire incident was live-streamed over Instagram. According to multiple social media reports, the person making the racist comments was a 23-year-old from outside of London. Somehow the young man’s […]

Missouri Cop Caught on Video Hitting Man with Unmarked Car, Detains Him

Play video content Real STL News / Facebook This horrifying video has a Missouri cop under investigation — he rammed a suspect with his car, then pounced on the injured man … and it did all in plain view of a doorbell cam. The incredibly violent scene played out in Florissant, MO — just outside […]

Cringe-Worthy Moment Instagrammer Is Caught Posing At Protest For Clout RM

“Ah the irony of a white woman profiting off a protest about black lives being exploited” This is the cringe-worthy moment an Instagrammer was caught using a Black Lives Matter protest as a photo op. Influencer Kris Shettsel and her photographer friend joined a march to show solidarity against police brutality — long enough at […]

Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Targeted by Would-Be Burglar, Caught by Cops

Exclusive Lisa Vanderpump‘s famous restaurant was the scene of an alleged intruder up to no good … but some quick-thinking eyewitnesses called cops who foiled the would-be burglar’s act. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the L.A. County Sheriff’s West Hollywood station got a call Sunday night around 7 PM for a possible burglary in […]

Alligators In Ferocious Fight on South Carolina Golf Course Caught on Video

Play video content Breaking News The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes Two alligators violently fought it out on a South Carolina golf course … and the footage of the two beasts locking jaws and tossing each other around is INSANE!! Check out video posted by the The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes in […]