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Niall Horan Carpool Karaoke: Lie Detector, One Direction Reunion and More

Niall Horan has been resident musician on “The Late Late Show” all week, so it made perfect sense that eventually he’d help James Corden get to work in the latest Carpool Karaoke. He even knew what to expect, because as soon as James did his traditional “thank you for helping me get to work,” Niall […]

BTS Takes James Corden to Dance Class on Epic Carpool Karaoke

BTS is a seven-man group and no single member is more important than any other — unless we’re referring to RM’s essential translating skills — but in James Corden’s latest Carpool Karaoke, we think it’s safe to say that Jin stole the show all the way from the back-back seat. For the segment, James had […]

Justin Bieber and James Corden Fight Through Carpool Karaoke

The tone of Justin Bieber’s latest Carpool Karaoke ride with James Corden was decidedly different, and almost confrontational? Was it playful, most definitely. Was there some underlying tension there … well it certainly seemed that way. Justin’s tone changed throughout the segment, with him sitting rather stoically during the early singalong portions of the popular […]

Meghan Trainor Loses It with Dr. Phil on Carpool Karaoke

Meghan Trainor says she’s been waiting for years to help James Corden get to work on Carpool Karaoke, and Thursday night was finally her chance. Even better, James concocted the best possible surprise, eliciting a reaction so pure and genuine there was absolutely no doubt that her super-fandom of Dr. Phil was absolutely true. Actually […]

James Corden Sets Record Straight About Carpool Karaoke Accusations He Doesn’t Drive

James Corden had to take a moment out of his regularly scheduled good times on “The Late Late Show” Wednesday night to address some very serious allegations that have been levied against him and the show. “I want to get ahead of everything and address those rumors and assure you, my audience, that these accusations […]

The 7 Biggest Carpool Karaoke and Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts Revelations of 2019

James Corden loves to drag his guests through the ringer on Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, but he also gives them a real chance to shine when they join him for Carpool Karaoke. And somehow, in both scenarios he manages to get some juicy and sometimes surprising nuggets of information out of them. […]

Kanye West’s Boasts About $68 Million Tax Return In Karaoke Carpool

While millions of Americans despaired over their low tax returns earlier this year, it seems that Kanye West raked in the cash – receiving a whopping $68 million for his tax refund this year. “He’s using me to show off,” he told James Corden. “Last year I made $115 million and still ended up $35 […]

Roddy White Arrested in ATL After Carpool Lane Screw Up

Roddy White Arrested in ATL After Carpool Lane Screw Up 4/22/2019 11:18 AM PDT Exclusive Details Atlanta Falcons legend Roddy White was arrested in Georgia earlier this month — after he was pulled over for a stupid carpool lane mishap … and cops noticed a warrant out for his arrest.  Gwinnett County police officers say […]