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Cardi B’s Best Friend Hit w/ Federal Rico Charges – Is Cardi NEXT???


Cardi B’s best friend Star Brim was hit today with federal RICO charges. Star, who is currently pregnant, now faces up to 25 years in federal prison. Star Brim, real nameΒ Yonette Respass,Β was charged in a sweeping drug raid on the 59 Brims. Police call them a “violent Bloods street gang”.Β  Star Brim is expected to […]

Cardi B’s Husband Offset Caught Hugging A Group Of White Girls!!


Cardi B’s husband Offset was caught by paparazzi talking with a group of pretty women – and Offset was being very friendly to the ladies. Offset and a group of his homies pulled up on the ladies in their car – a 2020 Mercedes G-Wagon. Offset and his crew hopped out and started talking with […]

Cardi B Unveils Her New Nose Job – Face Looks COMPLETELY Different!!


Cardi B recently underwent a nose job, and her new face looks shockingly different. MTO News had been hearing whispers that the female rapper got her face surgically reconstructed – and now those rumors have been confirmed. Cardi posted a recent pic of her new face on Instagram, and her nose looks shockingly different. The […]

Stripper Bowl 2020 Leaves Dancers Broke & Stranded in Miami! (Cardi B Explains)


The Stripper Bowl is an annual event thrown by Cardi B and Migos’ management Quality Control – where $1,000,000 is thrown to dancers. But this year, the event was an utter disaster. And many dancers are claiming that they were left “broke” and “stranded” after the chaos of the event. The event took place on […]

Deontay Wilder Says Offset Was Right to Punch Cardi B Champagne Sprayer

He knows a thing or two about punching people. And Deontay Wilder says Offset‘s fist-swinging reaction to Cardi B getting doused in champagne was absolutely justified. The rapper was captured on film lashing out at the Booby Trap on the River strip club in Miami on Saturday, after his wife got sprayed by an over-zealous […]

Cardi ‘Assaulted’ By Champagne At Strip Club – Offset FIGHTS Man!! (Video)

Cardi B’s husband Offset got into a fist fight last night, inside a Miami strip club – after Cardi B was allegedly “assaulted” by champagne. A partygoer allegedly sprayed the Bodak Yellow down with champagne – and Offset flew into a rage According to TMZ, Cardi B was caught in the crossfire of a champagne […]

Offset Throws Flying Punch at Strip Club After Cardi B Gets Sprayed

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Offset reacted to a guy spraying champagne — which might have splashed Cardi B — by delivering some cham-pain … in the form of a wild punch off the stage. The husband and wife rappers were partying after 3 AM at Booby Trap On the River strip club in Miami, […]

Megan Thee Stallion To Be Cardi B's Vice President Says The Game

Telepictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. may use my email address along with my interests and device data to send me tailored email and other offers through social media or other sites and apps. Sign Me Up! Opt out at any time by sending email to [email protected], by mail to “Privacy Group, Warner Bros., 4000 […]

Megan Thee Stallion Must Be Vice President to Cardi B Says The Game

Forget a running mate – here’s a galloping one. The Game has proposed Megan Thee Stallion as Vice-President to President Cardi B. “She should,” he replied when asked if the “I Like It” rapper should make her money move for the Oval Office. “I’m voting for Cardi B, Democrats β€” Demobrats.” “She can do anything […]

Offset Gives Cardi B a Hand at Clive Davis’ Pre-GRAMMY Gala

Getty Cardi B looked amazing at Clive Davis‘ pre-Grammy bash Saturday night, and her hubby was more than happy to sample the goods! Cardi hit up the annual bash at the Bev Hilton Hotel and wore a super NSFW dress, to Offset‘s resounding approval. Offset and Cardi are nominated for Best Rap Performance for “Clout.” […]