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The Best Feather Brushes For Highlighter to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images Aside from finding the right highlighter formula—the right shade for your skin tone, the right texture, and one that’s not overly glittery—often requires a good amount of trial and error. However, equally as important as your formula, whether liquid, cream, or powder, is finding the best brush to apply the […]

The Best Foundation For Eczema to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images If you suffer from eczema or even with ultra-sensitive skin, you’re probably already well acquainted with the struggle of finding gentle skincare products that won’t exacerbate symptoms or trigger a flare-up. However, it’s an even bigger challenge to find makeup—especially foundation, concealer, and complexion products that won’t leave your skin […]

Best Oil-free Foundations That You Can Buy on Amazon

Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Liquid Foundation

Foundation is hard to shop for, especially if you’ve got difficult skin. If your skin is touchy and flares out in a group of blemishes after one day of wearing full-face makeup, that’s very frustrating. The point of foundation is to give you even, shine-free coverage throughout the day. That’s why we carefully slather it […]

The Best Bohemian Benches You Can Buy on Amazon

bohemian bench christopher knight These Bohemian Benches Will Add Free Spirited Flair to Your Living Space

Furnishing your space is part chore, part style exploration, but once you’ve got the basics down pat — bed, couch, dining room table, etc. — the real fun can begin. See, items like entryway furniture, arm chairs and storage units are the types of fixtures that add character to your home. You want to choose […]

The Best Rustic Wall Décor You Can Buy on Amazon

rustic wall decor stonebriar Rustic Wall Décor Pieces That Are the Perfect Farmhouse Inspired Finishing Touch

You dress your home the same way you dress yourself every morning: With articles that speak to your personality and taste. It makes sense, considering categories of home decor aren’t so different from those of fashion: There are minimalists who detest clutter and anything that could be deemed “unnecessary,” like 20 or so odd throw […]

The Best Bridesmaids Robes That You Can Buy on Amazon

EPLAZA Women Floral Bridal Dressing Gown

When you’re getting ready for the big day, you want those moments with your BFFs and family members documented. Well, really, you want there to be a photo of every single second. If you’ve already planned some group photos with your bridesmaids before you’re all suited up in the dress, you might want to consider […]

The Best Matte Eyeshadows to Buy on Amazon

Scroll To See More Images While we’re always game for a solid shimmer, glitter, or sheen, there’s simply nothing can take the place of matte eyeshadow formulas. Sure, mattes may feel like an everyday staple that isn’t exactly conducive to conjuring up your excitement to play, but frankly, you really can’t do any eyeshadow look […]

The Best Vegan Eyeshadows That You Can Buy on Amazon

Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re trying to swap out some of your less animal-friendly make-up palettes for a vegan alternative, your furry friends will thank you. It can be a big decision to swap out your regular make-up to vegan. It takes a lot of research to find products that are truly vegan. The makeup world hasn’t totally […]