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Rachel Brosnahan Stars in ‘Blockbuster’ Crossover Parody Marvel’s Mrs. Maisel

Somehow, James Corden convinced Rachel Brosnahan to expand the vision of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” into a whole new arena, and it’s one built on billion-dollar blockbusters. “At first I was skeptical, then he explained the similarities.Mrs. Maisel has with superheroes,” Brosnahan said in the latest “Late Late Show” sketch. That’s right, it was time […]

Rachel Brosnahan on Cetaphil, Skin Care, & โ€˜The Marvelous Mrs. Maiselโ€™

cetaphil rachel Rachel Brosnahan Spills Her Beauty Routine & Responds To That Women Arent Funny Trope

Celebrity endorsements arenโ€™t exactly few and far between; they feel very ingrained in our culture. So itโ€™s beyond refreshing when a brand and its chosen face boast a genuine relationship. In her first major brand deal ever, Rachel Brosnahan has linked up with Cetaphil, everyoneโ€™s favorite skin care staple. Though the company has been around […]