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VP Candidate Kamala Harris Unveils ‘Tragic’ Face After Botched Facelift!!


Kamala Harris used to be a beautiful woman, and that was just a few months ago. But the vice p[residential front-runner decided to get plastic surgery, and now she looks odd. Kamala appeared on television for the first time yesterday, since undergoing her facelift. And she looked crazy. Watch: Β  Kamala Harris had been seen […]

Saweetie Unveils ‘Botched’ Breast Implants – ‘Hard’ & ‘Fake Looking’!!


Female rapper Saweetie showed off her newest asset purchase last night – and Twitter doesn’t seem to like ’em. MTO News recently reported that Saweetie got new breast implants, and last night – she unveiled them to the world. The paparazzi caught up with Saweetie and Quavo as they were leaving Boa Steakhouse in West […]

Immaculate Conception Painting Horrifically Botched by Amateur Restoration

It’s more like the not-so-Immaculate Conception now — a botched restoration of a famous Baroque painting has left the artwork unrecognizable, and its private collector stunned. Here’s the deal … a private art collector in Spain shelled out $1,355 to get a famous painting of the Immaculate Conception — by Baroque artist BartolomΓ© Esteban Murillo […]

Botched Patient Proves Why You Shouldn’t Trust A Dentist With A Boob Job

After one doctor didn’t give her what she wanted, another surprised her with much bigger implants than she asked for. Tia has had quite the breast implant journey, after going to two doctors who fell far below expectations. Appearing on Monday’s new episode of “Botched,” the patient said her breasts have “looked weird” for over […]

Love & Hiphop’s Masika Shows Scarred Stomach After Botched Tummy Tuck!


Masika from Love & Hiphop Hollywood is going viral this morning, MTO News has learned. In a new video, the Love & Hip Hop beauty showed off her disturbing looking stomach, after undergoing a botched tummy tuck operation. In the video, Masika proudly shows off her belly – that is filled with thick scar tissue. […]

Love & Hiphop’s Karli Redd, 48, Unveils ‘Botched’ Facelift – Twitter Erupts!!


Karli Redd has long been seen as one of the prettiest ladies on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. But that’s about to change. MTO News obtained images showing Karli – and her brand new face. She looks completely different. And her fans are not happy with her latest purported facelift. Here’s what Karli used to […]

Instagram Model Says Botched Butt Lift Made Her Unable to Sit For 6 Months

Her lopsided posterior needed $60k worth of work to correct it. An Instagram model revealed she wasn’t able to sit for six months because of a shoddy butt lift procedure. Shilpa Sethi, 25, from New Delhi — who has amassed 1.2 million followers on Instagram thanks to her risque snaps showcasing her rear — said […]

‘Botched’ Dr. Terry Dubrow Says Bev Hills Plastic Surgeons Not Ready to Return

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Just because Beverly Hills voted to resume nose jobs and facelifts, doesn’t mean plastic surgeons want to do them during a pandemic … according to Dr. Terry Dubrow. The “Botched” surgeon told us on “TMZ Live” Friday … the city council’s 4-1 vote this week to resume elective surgeries isn’t […]

R&B Singer Summer Walker’s Nose Collapses After Botched Nosejob (Graphic Pics)


R&B singer Summer Walker underwent a nose job last year, and now people on social media are saying that her nose is collapsing, MTO News has learned. Summer was on Instagram Live yesterday, when her fans noticed that both her nostrils were folding in on each other, and a deep crease was developing. Before getting […]

N. Korea Dictator Kim Jong-un Reportedly Dead After Botched Heart Surgery

Breaking News North Korea’s Supreme Leader/dictator Kim Jong-un has reportedly died, or is on his death bed with no hope for recuperation — according to media outlets in China and Japan. Amid reports China has sent a medical team to their communist neighbors this week to check in/advise on Kim, a Hong Kong-backed news channel’s […]