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Blackout Day 2020, Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Now

If you’re wondering why #BlackoutDay2020 is trending, allow us to fill you in … and then point you in the right direction to partake. YouTuber Calvin Martyr is credited with launching the unofficial retail holiday, which is in full swing right now — namely, Blackout Day. It’s all about supporting Black-owned businesses, exclusively, today all […]

Blackout Day 2020 Meaning: How You Spend Is Part Of How You Protest

Scroll To See More Images You’ve protested, educated yourself, signed petitions, donated funds and  posted on social media—thank you, thank you, thank you, but there’s still plenty more to do. On Tuesday, July 7, known now as Blackout Day 2020, Black Lives Matter supporters are asked to quite literally put their money where their mouths are, […]

Blackout Tuesday Meaning Instagram: What To Post & Why

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Hopefully, you woke up today with an Instagram feed full of black voices and black boxes. If you’re not a member of the Black community and you’re curious about the meaning of Blackout Tuesday on Instagram, we’re happy to break it down for you. Participating is a small way to show your efforts to help amplify melanated […]

Margot Robbie Got Blackout Drunk and Thought She Died at Australian Award Show

In America, the Golden Globe Awards are known as the award show where everyone gets a little liquored up for an unpredictable evening. In Australia, that honor belongs to the Logies. Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel about attending the event — which honors the best in television — when she was just a teenager, Margot Robbie […]

Rob Gronkowski Says He’s ‘Probably Had 20 Concussions, 5 Blackout Ones’

Breaking News Scary revelation from Rob Gronkowski … who says he’s probably had 20 concussions in his life from playing football including 5 blackout moments — but he feels like he’s “fixed” now. The New England Patriots legend was talking football to “CBS News” when he was asked if he’d ever let his child (if […]