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Georgia Southern QB’s Arrest Video Shows Cops Mistaking Bird Poo For Cocaine

Play video content Breaking News Cops mistook bird poop for cocaine on a Georgia Southern quarterback’s car during an arrest last month … and the argument over the white stuff was all caught on video. Shai Werts — GSU’s junior starting quarterback — was pulled over on July 31 in Clinton, South Carolina after cops […]

‘Them That Follow’ Star Breaks Down When Bird Dies in Her Hands on Set

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com “Them That Follow” — the new thriller about scary snakes and a religious family that handles them to prove themselves to God — had a tragedy on set when a bird died in the hands of one of the stars … and the cameras were rolling. Footage from the movie […]

Usain Bolt Declares War on Bird Scooters, I’ve Got My Own Wheels!

Usain Bolt Declares War on Bird Scooters … I’ve Got My Own Wheels! 5/15/2019 6:49 AM PDT Breaking News Usain Bolt is Bird hunting — joining forces with a rival eScooter company in the hopes of taking over as the LEADER in the 2-wheel vehicle space.  The Olympic legend is a spokesperson for Bolt — […]