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Boosie Badazz Says White Battle Rapper Deserves Punch For Using N-Word

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Boosie Badazz here with a PSA for all the white rappers thinking about dropping an n-bomb in their next rap … prepare to get a knuckle sandwich, unless you use it in one specific way. We got Boosie at LAX and asked him about the white rapper who went viral […]

Meghan Markle’s Battle Over Archie’s Privacy Influenced Megxit

Exclusive Getty Meghan Markle grew increasingly fed up with the media and the Palace as she fought for privacy for her son, Archie … and this is one of several reasons she and Prince Harry decided to bail on the royals. Sources close to the Duchess of Sussex tell TMZ … she obviously knew she’d […]

Jeff Lewis Accused of ‘Exploiting’ Custody Battle by Ex Gage Edward

The ongoing custody battle between “Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward just keeps getting uglier, with Edward both insisting he’s going to “stay silent” while laying into Lewis at the same time. On Friday, Lewis went public over the collapse of discussions via mediation toward a formal custody arrangement. They’d been working under […]

White Rapper Punched For Using ‘N’ Word In Rap Battle!! (Shock Video)

A Caucasian rapper was punched and had two of his teeth knocked out, after being punched in the face during a hip hop battle. But the White rapper may have got what he deserved, because he used the “N” word against his rival, who was Black, in the battle. Here is the video of the […]

Dr. Oz Issues Mark Wahlberg Push-Up Challenge Over Breakfast Battle

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Dr. Oz is throwing down the gauntlet like we’ve never seen anyone do before — daring to challenge shredded Mark Wahlberg to a physical fitness competition!!! The so-called “BreakXit” controversy Dr. Oz started is NOT dying down … and Monday in NYC he was prepared to go all-out to defend […]

Rapper Cassidy Viciously Beaten In Rap Battle – Going Viral On Twitter!!

Hip hop star Cassidy was known as one of the greatest battle rappers in history. But two days ago, he got destroyed by a rival battle rapper Arsenal. And the destruction happened inside Cassidy’s hometown of Philly and really embarrassing to watch. First, the rival rapper let the crowd know that he had ZERO respect […]

Britney Spears Conservatorship Wins Court Battle In Free Britney Movement

Exclusive Getty Britney Spears and company mean business when anyone insinuates her conservatorship is secretly harming her … because her people just nailed a hater with a big, fat injunction. Britney’s dad Jamie just got the order, prohibiting a guy named Anthony Elia from talking smack about the conservatorship. As we reported, Elia created the […]

Orlando Jones Says He and Gabrielle Union Are Fighting Same Battle

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Orlando Jones says he and Gabrielle Union now find themselves in the same boat … speaking out against workplace injustice, and unfair firings, at the hands of the same production company. The former “American Gods” star came on “TMZ Live” Tuesday to fill us in on his convo with Gabrielle […]

Jersey City Gun Battle Leaves 6 Dead, Including Officer and 2 Shooters

Breaking News 2:34 PM PT — The number of fatalities has risen to 6. The dead include a police officer, 3 people who were inside the market and the 2 suspected shooters. 12:41 PM PT — At least one police officer involved in Tuesday’s shootout was fatally wounded, according to authorities. More than one officer […]

Jeremy Renner Takes Daughter To Help Homeless Amid Custody Battle

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Jeremy Renner seems to be trying to show he should get sole custody of his daughter as he battles his ex-wife in court … taking Ava to pass out jackets and food to the homeless. The actor spent part of his Thanksgiving handing out blankets, jackets and meals to the […]