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Caught On Camera Trying To Kidnap Child In Public Bathroom – Brutally Beaten!!


A woman from Charlotte, North Carolina was brutally beaten by a mother, after the stranger allegedly tried to abduct a child inside of a public bathroom. Now MTO News has learned that the police are looking Β to speak to the mother and the alleged abductor, to find out exactly what happened. HERE IS THE FULL […]

The Best Bathroom Wastebaskets That You Can Buy on Amazon

Simplehuman Bathroom Step Trash Can

Bathroom trash cans aren’t something most people give a whole lot of thought. It sits in the corner of your bathroom, usually smashed up against the toilet if you have a small bathroom. What trash can goes in the bathroom might not seem significant, but just think about how many makeup wipes, Q-tips, cotton balls […]

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Stars Had Cameras On Them in Bathroom

Play video content Exclusive HOLLYWOOD RAW Netflix’s new reality show, ”Too Hot to Handle,” was serious when they told their participants no pleasure whatsoever, because producers had eyes on them 24/7 … even in the John. Contestant Bryce Hirschberg talked to Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on the ‘Hollywood Raw’ podcast recently, and revealed yes, […]

Banksy Shows Off Work-From-Home Artwork, Rats in the Bathroom

Banksy‘s not letting coronavirus stifle his creative flow — his out-of-this-world artwork is going strong in his own home … but like he says, the missus probably ain’t pleased. The mysterious street artist — who puts up WILD, often-times live, phantom art exhibits all over the world — gave his followers a sneak-peek into his […]

Pinterest Users Wondering How to Clean Bathroom Sinks in Quarantine

Exclusive Pinterest users stuck at home in coronavirus quarantine have one burning question on their minds … how in the hell are we supposed to clean our bathroom sinks?!? Seriously … the good folks over at Pinterest tell us website users are searching for all sorts of things, but there’s been a huge spike in […]

‘Poor Jennifer’ Work from Home Video Conference Bathroom Break Goes Viral

You never know what’s going to go viral and sometimes you never know that you’re going to go viral. It’s almost never a good thing when one of the non-famous folks of the world do it, and that proved especially true for “Poor Jennifer,” who achieved viral sensation on Sunday for one seriously embarrassing fail. […]

The Bidets on Amazon to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Actoor bidet toilet seat

Bidets are no longer a novel bathroom device you get to exclusively experience of European and Japanese vacations. Alas, it’s never been more convenient, accessible and affordable to get your hands on one. From toilet attachments to on-the-go and travel-friendly options, bidets are the coolest new β€œhome decor” accessory that is not only low-key chic […]

The Real’s Adrienne Bailon: I Don’t Wash Hands After Using Bathroom


The Real’s host Adrienne Bailon is making news today, after she revealed to the audience that she doesn’t wash her hands after going to the bathroom. According to Adrienne, she doesn’t wash her hands for either a number one or a number two, so long as she’s in her home. Adrienne seemed perplexed when her […]

R&Bs Summer Walker: I Enjoy Eating Meals In The Bathroom!!


R&B songstress Summer Walker is regarded by some as “unique” or even “eccentric” and her recent comments to fans about eating in the bathroom really underscores that point. Recently, Summer Walker posted a picture of herself while eating lunch in the bathroom – which was beautifully decorated with marble. That scene apparently struck some fans […]

Donald Trump’s L.A. Fundraiser Guests Disgusted by Food in Bathroom

Exclusive TMZ.com Donald Trump‘s Beverly Hills fundraiser guests — at least some of them — say they are totally grossed out by the fact appetizers from the function were left sitting out by a toilet. TMZ broke the story …. hors d’oeuvres from Trump’s campaign fundraiser at The Montage this week ended up in a […]