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Bath Body Works Candle Day Sale 2019 is Here and Everything’s Under $10

sweater weather Dont Leave Bath & Body Works Epic Candle Day Sale Without the New G.O.A.T

I am a self-professed candle connoisseur who will recommend scents on-the-fly whether you like it or not. Impulse control is basically non-existent when talking about the things I’m most passionate about…like whether sandalwood is better suited for the TV stand or nightstand. With that being said, the Bath and Body Works 2019 Candle Day sale […]

Bath and Body Works Black Friday Deals 2019: Don’t Pass Up These Markdowns

Scroll To See More Images A house simply isn’t a home without Bath & Body Works candles in every room and equally, fragrant body wash in the shower. Don’t @ me—you’ve been a member of the Cucumber Melon hive at least once. Thanks to a rotation of iconic and cult-fave scents, our love for the […]

Ouai Chill Pills Are the Self-Care Bath Moments You Need in Your Life

ouai chill pill

Celebrity hairstylist and beauty entrepreneur Jen Atkin is expanding the Ouai brand outside of haircare. With the new Chill Pills, she’s proving bath products are core items for Ouai. If you’re dreading the stress of the holidays and are envisioning some serious you-time (or self-care, if you will), Atkin has got you covered. These “pills” […]

Bath Body Works Christmas 2019 Features 600 Products

iced cinnamon roll

There are two types of people. Some see red when Christmas decorations and gifts are put out in stores pre-Thanksgiving and others are totally excited and want to see it all as early as possible. I fall into the second group because I like to plan where I’m going to spend my money. Luckily, Bath […]

Bath and Body Works Winter Candles For Giving Your Home the Cozy Treatment

Scroll To See More Images When I’m not swatching and swiping on beauty products, sniffing candles is basically my side hustle. I. Love. Candles. Hand me a soy wax blend any day of the week and I’ll be happy to tell you where to burn it, when to burn it, and if there’s a better […]

Best Bath Bombs For Relaxation & Stress Relief

Scroll To See More Images There are few things that rival the relaxing super powers of a good, long bath. And, while it may seem basic, adding a colorful bath bomb to your tub can make the experience feel even more luxurious. Frankly, there’s a reason why every influencer (and probably half of your friends) […]

‘Gypsy Sisters’ Star’s Grandson Hospitalized With Burns From Hot Bath

Exclusive “Gypsy Sisters” star Kayla Williams‘ 1-year-old grandson is on a ventilator in the hospital after a scalding hot bath left his skin covered in second-degree burns. Kayla tells TMZ … the terrifying incident went down Sunday morning at her home in West Virginia when her grandchild, Henry, was given a bath by his 7-year-old […]

Bath Body Works Wallflower Sale Is Only One Day

wallflower bath and body works

Bath & Body Works addicts, listen up. The retailer is lowering prices on fragrances that’ll make your house smell amazing. We usually inform you about epic candle sales but this time, it’s something a bit different. For just one day, Bath & Body Works is having a Wallflower sale, both on the fragrance plugs and […]

Best Bath Bombs for Nourishing Dry Skin in 2019

Scroll To See More Images Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m not a bath person. Albeit when I’m dealing with killer cramps or especially sore muscles after a long run, I’m more of an in-and-out of the shower kind of woman. The only thing that will keep me in the tub long enough to actually enjoy […]

Bath Body Works Halloween Candles 2019 Are Already Here

bath body works halloween candle It’s Never Too Early for Bath & Body Works’ Halloween Candles

Listen up: it might only be mid-August but it’s time to at least enjoy the fun parts of pre-fall. We can ignore some things for now, like the temperature getting cooler and the days getting shorter. But I’m all for taking advantage of Pumpkin Spice Lattes coming sooner and Bath & Body Works’ Halloween candles […]