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Bath Body Works Semi Annual Sale 2020 Is On and Includes New Scents

bath body works candle

We’re all home a bit more—or a lot more—than usual right now and that might mean you’re turning your space into a bit of a sanctuary. There has rarely been a more important time for self-care. Bath & Body Works’ Semi-Annual Sale for 2020 is here to help with that. You don’t have to drop […]

Takoda the Black Bear Enjoys Cool Bath at Oregon Zoo

Play video content Oregon Zoo Here’s something nice for a change — Takoda the black bear’s unconcerned with the troubles of the world, and is just enjoying a dip in a cold tub … REALLY enjoying it. The 400-pound bear’s splashy bath time is a springtime staple at the Oregon Zoo, where they bust out […]

Best Cheap Goop Products Under $50: Bath Soaks, Face Masks and More.

goop purifying cleanser

Fans of Goop Beauty products swear by the brand’s toxic-free, glow-inducing skincare. These skin and body products can cost a pretty penny, but there’s a good reason why they’re so popular. Luckily, the best cheap Goop products are seriously great, as well. While not “cheap” in the general sense of the word, these under-$50 goodies […]

Bath Body Works Mothers Day 2020 Line Includes New Candles

bbw watermelon lemonade

It might seem like May 10 is far away right now but trust us—a gift for Mom is not one to rush at the last minute. It’s going to come up even faster this year. Luckily, Bath & Body Works’ Mother’s Day offerings for 2020 are here to help. The retailer just rolled out 150 […]

Relaxing Bath Products to Inspire Tantalizing Bubble Baths and Self-Care

Scroll To See More Images Even if the majority of your days are spent working from home, any attempts at relaxation can feel like a side hustle. First, you have to rearrange the space in a way that separates work from play. Next, you have to create a daily schedule that keeps one task from […]

Bath Body Works Easter Candles 2020 Are Already Almost Sold Out

bath body works easter bouquet

While most of us are sitting at home, working and cleaning and washing our hands, brands are still out here rolling out new products that we can buy right from our couch. Well, as long as you can press “add to cart” in time. Bath & Body Works Easter candles for 2020 dropped and the entire […]

Bath Body Works New Fragrances 2020 Include Saltwater Breeze and Rainbow Daydream

bath body works strawberry poundcake

Although it’s chilly and grey outside in New York, Bath & Body Works is preparing for warmer weather. And all we can say is, yes, please. Bath & Body Works’ new fragrances for 2020, all 32 of them, include some newbies such as Saltwater Breeze and Rainbow Daydream and updates on old faves like Aromatherapy Passion, Calm and Clarity. As […]

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya Spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond

Like incoming college freshmen across the nation, Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya shop at Bed Bath & Beyond. Or, at least, they were shopping at the big-box store on Jan. 22 when an employee stopped Timothée for a selfie, shown below, and then later recounted the experience to the fan who runs the prominent @tchallamett Instagram […]

Best Bath Salt Soaks For Sore Muscles & Workout Recovery

Scroll To See More Images Whether you consider yourself a bath or shower person, it’s basically universally accepted that indulging in a post-workout salt bath to soothe sore muscles is more than just a calming self-care ritual — it’s more like a natural killer when you’ve pushed the limits a little too hard during your […]