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Zodiac Signs Bad Habits: Your Worst Habit of 2020, Based On Astrology

Scroll To See More Images Hey, we’re only human. Whatever your zodiac sign, bad habits come for us all, similar to death and taxes (unless you are super wealthy, in which case: congrats!). I know most people set new year’s resolutions as a way to confront and counter their vices and shortcomings, and later give […]

New Year’s Resolutions You Should Keep, Based on Your Myers-Briggs

Scroll To See More Images As we reach the end of the December we’ve finished most of our festive, yet obligatory, holiday tasks. Presents have been bought, travel has been booked, rambling uncles have been listened to about how birds are spying on us for the government, etc. All that’s left, really, is to figure […]

Mo’Nique Suing Netflix For Pay Discrimination Based On Her Race & Gender!!

Mo’Nique is suing Netflix for both race and gender discrimination several news outlets are reporting. The comedian filed the lawsuit on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court. Her lawsuit stems from an offer Netflix made her where they offered her significantly less money for a comedy special than her white and her male counterparts. “Despite […]

2020 Boot Trends You’re Sure to See Next Year, Based on the Runways

Scroll To See More Images Bring! On! The! Boots! If there’s one thing appropriate for pretty much any season (even summer, if you’re brave enough), it’s boots and booties. For those of us who believe you can never own too many of the chic shoe, the 2020 boot trends are a welcome addition to our […]

2020 Sneaker Trends to Expect Based on the Runways

Scroll To See More Images If there’s anything I can’t get enough of, it’s sneakers. No matter the day, event or outfit, sneakers are always my number one pick for shoes. So, of course, figuring out the 2020 sneaker trends was very high up on my list of sartorial priorities. After scouring the spring/summer 2020 […]

’80s Halloween Costume Ideas Based on Iconic Movies

Scroll To See More Images OK, Halloween is just around the corner and most of us probably haven’t figured out the perfect costume. (It’s alright—I’m in the same boat.) As someone who is out of college but doesn’t have a family of their own yet, Halloween can be a weird in-between time where you’re not […]

What Halloween Monster You Are, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

Scroll To See More Images Well, we are deep into the Spooky Season, and you’ve gathered around my, uh, large cauldron (?) for one express purpose. What if I told you I had a list of all—that’s right, all of em!—the Myers-Briggs types as Halloween monsters? After all, what could be ~spookier~ than self awareness? […]

Ralph Lauren’s New ‘Friends’-Inspired Collection is Based on Rachel

Scroll To See More Images As any television fan will know, the iconic show Friends first hit the airwaves 25 years ago. Plenty of people have celebrated by sharing quotes, favorite scenes or re-watching the entire series, but Ralph Lauren decided to take it a step further and teamed up with Warner Bros to create an entire […]

Zodiac Signs as Exes: What Kind of Ex They Are, Based on Their Sign


Scroll To See More Images Dude, you know without pause what your ex’s zodiac sign is—and you can recall it without even having to remember that time they forgot about you at the bar on their birthday, too. Determining an ex’s star sign is like the innate ability white girls have of knowing every single […]

2020 Fashion Trends Based Off of the Runway

Scroll To See More Images I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a big ~planner~, but when it comes to keeping an eye out for upcoming trends, I like to think I’m pretty capable. I mean, I’m the sort of person who plans her fall wardrobe in spring, so you know I’ve already got my eye on what […]