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TikTok Stars Believe Trump Wants to Ban App as Revenge for Trolling Him

Exclusive President Trump says his threat to ban TikTok is about China stealing data, but that’s just a cover story … at least according to TikTokers who think he can’t take a joke, and simply wants revenge. TMZ spoke with Mary Jo Laupp — AKA TikTok Grandma — and DeJuan Booker, a couple of proud […]

Trump Says He’ll Ban TikTok from the United States

Donald Trump says he’s gonna ban TickTok as early as today. Trump told a reporter on Air Force One Friday night, โ€œWell, I have that authority … I can do it with an executive order …” ย He reportedly followed up by saying, “We’re banning them from the United States.” The pretext is that TikTok is […]

U.S. May Ban TikTok Over National Security Concerns

The United States is looking to ban Chinese social media app TikTok — citing national security reasons. The announcement was made by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pompeo sat down for an interview with Laura Ingraham on her Fox show, The Ingraham Angle, where he revealed that he and President Trump are considering the decision. […]

U.S. Embassies Drop Cash on July 4 Parties as American Cities Cancel or Ban Them

Exclusive Fourth of July events in America will be few and far between as cities and states have called off big celebrations and fireworks displays, but for U.S. embassies all over the world … it’s party on. TMZ did some digging, and we’ve learned at least 5 embassies have dropped some serious cash to celebrate […]

Sephora Ban Mink Fur Eyelashes After a PETA Campaign

abh norvina lashes

Those who wear false lashes on the regular know theyโ€™re not all cruelty-free. Sometimes itโ€™s even hard to identify which are synthetic and which are made from mink fur. Well, thatโ€™s about to get easier. Sephora will ban mink fur eyelashes going forward, only selling faux-fur lashes once its mink ones are all sold out. […]

Univ. Of Florida ‘Gator Bait’ Chant Creator Slams Decision To Ban Cheer

Play video content Exclusive TMZSports.com Lawrence Wright — the former Univ. of Florida football star who created the famous “Gator Bait” chant — is urging school officials to reconsider the cheer’s ban … telling TMZ Sports it’s not racist. Back after the 1996 season, fresh off a national championship, Wright ingrained the chant in Gator […]

Pics: NASCAR Shows Huge Support for Bubba Wallace After Noose Is Found in Garage


NASCAR is rallying around Black driver Bubba Wallace after a noose was found in his teamโ€™s garage. In an emotional scene in Talladega, drivers pushed Bubba in his #43 car all the way to the starting line of the Geico 500 as a show of support. Team owner Richard Petty, 82, was also right there […]

Reggie Bush, O.J. Mayo’s USC Ban Over, ‘I’ve Dreamed Of This Day’

Breaking News 9:50 AM PT — O.J. Mayo — a superstar hooper for the Trojans in 2007 and 2008 — is also getting his ban lifted … with the team’s Twitter account saying, “Welcome back, O.J. Mayo!” “The highest drafted player in program history has officially been reinstated.” Mayo — who was banned from the […]

Bubba Wallace Calls For Confederate Flag Ban At NASCAR Races, ‘Get Them Out’

Breaking News Bubba Wallace — the only black driver at NASCAR’s highest level — is calling for an official ban on confederate flags at race tracks … saying there’s just no place for them in the sport anymore. “No one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a NASCAR race,” Wallace said. “So it starts […]

Australians Still Flock to Bondi Beach as Coronavirus Forces Tourism Ban

Australians and Floridians … one in the same. Who knew??? The coronavirus global pandemic is serious enough to force Australia to close its borders for the next 6 months, but the country’s beaches are still open for biz … and apparently not big on social distancing. World-famous Bondi Beach — where, it’s highly relevant, Tom […]