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Bam Margera Checking Himself Back Into Rehab After Relapse

Play video content Exclusive SplashNews.com Bam Margera is putting himself back on the road to recovery — on the heels of leaving rehab yet again, and ending up in a bar … we’ve learned he’s about to give rehab another shot. Sources close to Bam tell TMZ … he’s voluntarily entering a new rehab facility […]

Bam Margera Back in Rehab After Arrest

Exclusive TMZ.com Bam Margera was readmitted into a rehab facility just hours after his bizarre arrest at an L.A. hotel — TMZ has learned — and this time around he’ll have to follow some serious guidelines. Sources close to Bam tell us … immediately after he was released from police custody, he was readmitted to […]

Bam Margera’s Family Says He’s Off His Bipolar Meds, Dr. Phil’s Pulling for Him

Exclusive TMZ Bam Margera‘s family has never seen him struggle like this before and they think they know why … he’s not taking his bipolar meds, but Dr. Phil is still pulling for him to keep fighting the good fight. Sources connected to the family tell TMZ … the former “Jackass” star is not taking […]

Bam Margera Arrested in L.A. After Leaving Rehab

Exclusive TMZ Bam Margera is behind bars after getting into it with patrons in the bar of a Hollywood hotel — an altercation that ended with his arrest … TMZ has learned. Bam was booked at 2:30 AM Wednesday by LAPD … according to records. Cops were called to the Luxe Hotel on Sunset after […]

Bam Margera’s Rehab Puts Celeb Boxing Promoter in Dire Position

Exclusive TMZ.com Bam Margera going to rehab has a celeb boxing promoter in a tough spot — he’s looking to get back the dough he just fronted Bam to ref a high profile match. Damon Feldman, the promoter putting on a bout featuring the infamous Bagel Boss, tells TMZ … Bam got half of his […]

Bam Margera’s Mom Hopes Dr. Phil Intervention Works, Patience Wearing Thin

Exclusive TMZ Composite Bam Margera‘s mother is counting on the mini-intervention they held with Dr. Phil to pull her son out of his substance abuse tailspin … because her family’s patience is wearing thin. Play video content TMZ.com April Margera tells TMZ … Bam’s loved ones are at the “end of our rope” with his […]

Bam Margera Doing 1-on-1 with Dr. Phil, Rehab Likely

Exclusive TMZ Bam Margera‘s public plea for help from Dr. Phil worked — TMZ has learned they’re on set right now getting ready for a one-on-one session … then it might be off to rehab. Our Dr. Phil sources say the good doc has agreed to meet with Bam and tackle his issues head-on — […]

Bam Margera Signs on as Celeb Ref for Bagel Boss Boxing Match

Exclusive TMZ When the angry little Bagel Boss guy makes his boxing debut in Atlantic City, there will be another jackass in the ring with him — Bam Margera. The “Viva La Bam” star is making a return to the public eye after a rough few months and another trip to rehab, by signing on […]

Bam Margera Publicly Asks Dr. Phil for Help Amid Struggles

TMZ Bam Margera is turning to Dr. Phil amid his ongoing struggles — asking the daytime TV host to help mend fences with his own family … and being very candid with what’s wrong. The former “Jackass” star took to social media early Sunday morning with a pair of rambling videos and basically begged Phil […]

Bam Margera Booted By Southwest Airlines After Tirade

Play video content Bam Margera was off the rails Saturday after just laying into an airport police officer, calling him an idiot and ultimately getting taken off the flight. It’s unclear what exactly happened, but it looks like Bam was wasted when he got on a Southwest flight in Atlanta and was told he was […]