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Dr. Paul Nassif says Artie Lange Needs to Fix His Nose, Stay Sober

Exclusive TMZ.com Artie Lange is in serious danger of having breathing problems if he doesn’t get his deformed nose fixed sooner rather than later … but Dr. Paul Nassif first needs Artie to reach a major milestone in his sobriety. We talked to the star M.D. from “Botched” and he tells TMZ … Artie’s saddle […]

Artie Lange Says Real Consequences and Drug Court Saving Him

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Artie Lange is days away from being 8 months clean and sober for the first time in decades, and he says the reason is … he’s finally facing the threat of prison. The stand-up comedian joined “TMZ Live” Wednesday to talk about the long, dangerous road of addiction he’s been […]

Artie Lange Likes His Gnarly Nose for Now as Helpful Reminder to Stay off Drugs

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Artie Lange is more than 7 months sober and looking happy and healthy, and interestingly … he says his messed up nose is partly to thank for keeping him clean. The comedian and “Crashing” star tells TMZ … he likes his pancaked nose because it’s a helpful reminder of 30 […]

Artie Lange Reveals Major Weight Loss & Announces He’s 7.5 Mos. Sober – Hollywood Life

Artie Lange

Four months after an arrest for violating terms in his drug court program, Artie Lange pleasantly surprised fans with a new photo! The comedian is now nearly 300 days sober and even dropped weight after previously weighing 260 pounds. In May of 2019, fans were devastated to see Artie Lange’s mugshot and his caved-in nose […]