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FBI Arrests Man for Selling Phony Coronavirus Cure, Claiming Magic Johnson on Board

Breaking News FBI agents say they nailed a coronavirus snake oil salesman — a SoCal man who allegedly claimed he had a cure, and used Magic Johnson‘s name to try to snare investors. Ya, just knew this was bound to happen … the FBI arrested Keith Lawrence Middlebrook Wednesday evening in an undercover sting. The […]

Area 51 Raiders Will Be Met with Arrests & Desert Obstacles

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite If you’re one of the 1 million-plus people planning on storming Area 51 later this year — you might wanna rethink that … ’cause it ain’t gonna be a walk in the park. Law enforcement sources in the Nevada area — where the notorious U.S. Air Force base is located — tell […]

Rick Schroder’s Business Team Bails Following Domestic Violence Arrests

Rick Schroder Biz Team Bails … After DV Arrests 5/9/2019 12:40 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Rick Schroder‘s bad month just got a lot worse … he’s been dropped by his entire team in wake of his domestic violence arrests. Sources close to the former “NYPD Blue” star tell TMZ … his agent, manager and PR people […]