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Wayne Arnold on ‘The Wonder Years’ ‘Memba Him?!

'Memba Them?! -- Part 12

Los Angeles native Jason Hervey was only 16 years old when he shot to stardom after landing the role of the bully big brother Wayne Arnold — who regularly ribs on his younger sibling Kevin and gives him rude nicknames — on the iconic ’80s television show “The Wonder Years.” Jason Hervey was cast alongside […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Refuses To Go To Gold’s Gym Over Face Masks Policies

Exclusive Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most accomplished bodybuilder in the history of the sport, his gym — Gold’s in Venice — is considered the mecca of bodybuilding … so it’s pretty stunning Arnold rolled up to the gym today but refused to go inside. Arnold bicycled to Gold’s Tuesday morning for a workout, now that […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Recounts Heart Surgery in Commencement Speech

Barack Obama, meet Arnold Schwarzenegger — he’s got a little commencement speech of his own … and it might be just as good or possibly better advice for the Class of 2020. The A-list actor and former California Governor delivered an epic address via ATTN to all the grads who couldn’t attend their own in-person […]

Anthony Hopkins Shows ‘Toosie Slide’ has No Age Limit, Challenges Sly and Arnold

Play video content Self-quarantining might be getting to Sir Anthony Hopkins … or he just heard of Drake‘s “Toosie Slide” challenge and couldn’t resist — it’s had that effect on people. Either way, the 82-year-old Academy Award-winning actor decided to join the TikTok craze and show off his geriatric dance moves Thursday … and it’s […]

Tichina Arnold Fired Up for Grandma Role in Netflix-WWE’s ‘Main Event’

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Tichina Arnold is gonna blow your mind in the first movie produced by Netflix and the WWE … ’cause she’s gonna change your concept of what grandmothers look like. Tichina was on Tuesday’s “TMZ Live” to talk about “The Main Event,” when the conversation quickly turned to that old saying […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Donates $1 Million to Frontline Responders Fund

Breaking News Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting his money where his heart his — dropping a small fortune to help get crucial supplies to doctors and scientists battling the virus. The ex-Gov of California shared the news Tuesday, telling his followers he’d donated a million bucks to a GoFundMe account called Frontline Responders Fund — which […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger and TikTok Give $3 Million to Feed Students

Breaking News Arnold Schwarzenegger is teaming with TikTok to make sure grade school students don’t go hungry while schools close amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s the deal … TikTok is donating $3 million to help provide meals to needy families across the country, and it’s working with Arnold’s After-School All-Stars programs to make it happen. […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Coronavirus PSA with His Mini Horse and Mini Donkey

Arnold Schwarzenegger might have just created the greatest coronavirus PSA yet. Taking to his Twitter account on Sunday, the “Terminator” star, 72, shared a video featuring his furry friends — his mini horse, Whiskey, and his mini donkey, Lulu, — while he urged his followers to stay home and practice social distancing amid the COVID-19 […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows Inside Empty Fitness Expo Due to Coronavirus

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s showing us his completely empty fitness expo venue — shut down due to coronavirus fears, and it’s a pretty eerie scene. Arnold joined us on “TMZ Live” Friday from inside the massive 750,000-square-foot convention space in Columbus, OH. It was supposed to be packed right now with a […]

Arnold Schwazenegger’s Plea to Ohio, Less Coronavirus Risk at Our Festival Than NBA Games

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants fans at his Sports Festival in Ohio to be safe from coronavirus but doesn’t understand why the Governor is shutting them down while allowing much larger sporting events to continue. The Arnold Sports Festival, which begins today in Columbus, will have very few fans in attendance after Governor Mike DeWine announced they […]