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Ari Lennox Recounts Night Of Hot Sex With Mystery Celeb: ‘That D*ck Spoke Life Into Me!!’

Ari Lennox feels that she has much to be thankful for, as the recounted a night of hot sex with a mystery celebrity to her fans via her Instagram Live. “…I was damn near willing to just let him talk to me crazy because that shit was out of this world,” the Dreamville singer said […]

Ari Fletcher ‘Beat Up’ Rapper BF MoneyBagg Yo In Club – β€œShe Punched Him”! (Vid)

New allegations have surfaced, concerning a violent encounter between rapper Moneybagg Yo and his girlfriend Ari Fletcher. But according to the report, it was Ari that was allegedly abusing the rapper Moneybagg Yo. A woman named Monica (Here’s her IG) claims that she witnessed Ari allegedly abusing Moneybagg. According to Monica, Ari punched Moneybagg repeatedly, […]

IG BEEF!! Ari Calls Megan Thee Stallion A Catfish!!


Social media star Ari Fletcher is lashing out against female rapper Megan Thee Stallion. According to Ari, Megan is a “catfish” – or a person that looks better on IG, than in real life. Both ladies attended the Roc Nation Brunch on Saturday and according to social media chatter – Ari was talking mess about […]

Moneybagg Yo Laughs: ‘Girlfriend Ari Is A Whore Azz B*tch’!!

Last week, rap star Moneybagg Yo confirmed publicly that he’s in a new relationship with Instagram model Ariana β€œAri” Fletcher. Last night, he was on IG Live laughing with fans – as they referred to his bae as a “Whore Azz B*tch.” Here’s the video – GRAPHIC LANGUAGE Folks on social media are disgusted with […]

Megan’s Ex Moneybagg Yo Goes Public w/ New Gf Ari Fletcher!!

MTO News broke the story last week, that rapper Moneybagg Yo is now dating Ari Fletcher, rapper G Herbo’s baby’s mother. Ari was previously dating boxing superstar Gervontae Davis. But as MTO News reported, she broke up with Gervontae, so that she could be with Moneybagg Yo. And now the couple is no longer hiding […]

Ari DUMPS Boxer Gervontae Davis ‘Upgraded’ To Megan’s Ex Moneybagg Yo!!!


Rap star Moneybagg Yo is officially over Megan Thee Stallion, and he’s dating a new social media phenol – ARI Fletcher, rapper G Herbo’s babys mother and boxer Gervontae Davis’ now ex-girlfriend.. Ari was dating boxing star Gervontae Davis up until about a month ago. The two had a tumultuous relationship – but were supposedly […]

Ex-press secretary Ari Fleischer pipes up to defend Bush’s catastrophic war. He’s still lying

While the worst president in American history continues his robust program of golfing and covering up crimes, the crew surrounding the second-worst president in American history keeps up its efforts to promote itself as, while perhaps not the brightest bunch to guide the nation, at the very least Not War Criminals. It remains a tough […]