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The Best Argan Oil Dry Shampoos to Buy on Amazon

Osensia argan oil dry shampoo

Iโ€™m pretty sure that we can all safely agree that dry shampoo is without a doubt one of the most genius beauty inventions of all time. For those with fine or oily hair, the powdery spray is basically a lifesaver. Or, if youโ€™re like many people and prefer not to wash your hair daily, dry […]

Best Argan Oils For Skin & Hair

Pura D

Argan oils have become a popular hydrating ingredient in many skincare products, but the multi-purpose oil has far more under-the-radar beauty benefits to offer than you may think. Argan oil is derived from the nut of the fruit on the argan tree and is chock full of all-natural anti-aging ingredients including vitamin E and plumping […]

Josie Maran Argan Beta Retinoid Pink Algae Serum Is Unlike Anything Else

p454084 av 02 zoom Josie Maranโ€™s New โ€œCleanโ€ Retinol Serum Is Unlike Anything Youโ€™ve Seen Before

With all the buzz around retinoids, both the pros and the cons, it can be tough to tell truth from fiction. What you might have heard is theย class of compounds derived from vitamin A can be tough on the skin. Thatโ€™s one reason Josie Maran launched her Argan Beta-Retinoid Pink Algae Serum. She set out […]