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Rapper OT Genasis: Keyshia Cole’s Feminine Area ‘Smells Like Fish’!!

Rapper OT Genasis and R&B singer Keyshia Cole have been embroiled in a “beef” for about a year now. And last night OT decided to step things up by saying that Keyshia Cole’s lady parts “smell like fish.”  (see video above) But OT didn’t disclose how he came to know that Keyshia Cole suffers from […]

G-Eazy Providing Free Meals for a Month to At-Risk Bay Area Youth

Exclusive G-Eazy is making sure kids on his home turf don’t go hungry while sheltering in place due to coronavirus … hooking ’em up with free grub. Here’s the deal … the Bay Area rapper, through his Endless Summer Fund, is providing meals to local at-risk youths in San Francisco — and the G-Eazy gravy […]

Deadly Shootout Breaks Out In Gentrified Area Of NYC! (Graphic Video)

A deadly shooting occurred inside one of New York’s recently gentrified areas. Two people were shot and killed, and one of the man was killed in a shower of police bullets. Here’s a link to the graphic video The incident occurred in January, but police just released the video today. The incident happened on the […]

Area 51 Dance Party Does Not Attract Big Crowds or Aliens

Getty This whole Area 51 thing kinda fizzled, but at least unseen aliens could enjoy a small, freaky dance party. DJ/producer Paul Oakenfold performed at a festival called Storm Area 51 Basecamp. Thing is … it wasn’t anywhere near Area 51 Alien Center. Event organizers bailed on that idea and brought a free music festival […]

‘Storm Area 51’ Planners Explain How Raid Became a Music Festival

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com The guys who got millions of people hyped about storming Area 51 this month are telling their tinfoil hat-wearing followers to STOP — and just get weird with them in Downtown Vegas, instead. We spoke to Matty Roberts and Frank DiMaggio on “TMZ Live” — they’re the original Facebook event […]

Area 51 Raiders Will Be Met with Arrests & Desert Obstacles

Exclusive TMZ/Getty Composite If you’re one of the 1 million-plus people planning on storming Area 51 later this year — you might wanna rethink that … ’cause it ain’t gonna be a walk in the park. Law enforcement sources in the Nevada area — where the notorious U.S. Air Force base is located — tell […]